Wednesday, April 20, 2016

"WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?" John Sterling cannot believe the Yankees' shoddy play

"A terrible inning for the Yanks," John said, after Chase Headley booted a grounder and then Didi Gregorius dropped the throw.

The Yankees are down 3-1 against Oakland, bases loaded, one man out, and The Master is losing it.  

Later, Suzyn echoed his question, asking exasperatingly, "What IS going on here?"


KD said...

How about didi running into that double play? have you ever seen such a dumbass play in your life? Did our SS only start playing baseball a couple of years ago?

Steve M. said...

This looks like a team that management has lost. Headly and Ellbury continue to stink it up but Girardi decides to criticize Gregorius. If this keeps up looks like its time for the owners to clean house. Cashman and Girardi, gone ... Ellbury, Texiera, Headly ... gone. Bring the youngsters up. Trade one of the 3 closers for some new talent. Get a new Manager who can shake things up. Replace Cashman with someone who doesn't lean so heavily on old ballplayers. Time to reload.

Alphonso said...

Time to re-build.

That " re-load" word is a Cashman favorite, used to disguise the fact that they are going to play the old, worn-out, unexciting, lousy, over-paid former stars, and sprinkle in a 7th inning appearance by Hicks.

The Yankees need to face the need to tear-down the tenement and build some decent housing.

But Cashman does not have the interest and, more importantly, the ability.

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