Thursday, April 21, 2016

Is this the year it happens?

I say, let it happen:  Let it rain. Let the earth rumble, let the skies open, let the waters rise, and let the winds blow this wretched team to sea. Let everything start anew. Bring on the Yankee apocalypse. Let the great shitpile topple. 

Yes, let's say it out loud. Why lie?

If the Yankees are going to suck this year, let's go all the way.  

Yes, I realize it's only April - this isn't the last copter out of Saigon - but the despair I feel usually comes in September, when the end is literally near.

After last night, to root for this Yankee team just seems so pointless. So - well - gullible. 

If A-Rod homers tonight, what does it mean? His ever-diminishing ceiling is defined in concrete. He'll be lucky to hit 25 and bat .250. If Jacoby Ellsbury starts hitting, how long will he last, before a tendon snaps or a bone breaks? How insane is it to think that CC will ever return to form? And if all management wants to do is wait until everybody is off the books... until all the big contracts disappear... so it can trade the farm for Bryce Harper and then give him a 12-year deal... why bother? These aren't the Yankees. This is just another club. This franchise offers us no swagger, no bluster, no rising stars, nothing. It is most defined by the self-congratulatory hubris of management, fueled by a cheerleader media that will say anything to stay afloat.

The Yankees sit on the biggest pot of gold in American sports, yet the owner's priority is to cut costs. Hal Steinbrenner has used his dad's inheritance as a plaything. One day, he refuses big contracts to save on luxury tax. Next day, he trades prospects for Aroldys Chapman. We just descend deeper into the void, while rivals swoosh past us to the top.

Tell me a reason to feel hope for this team, this season, other than that maybe in September, some prospect will come up for a cup of coffee and look good.

If the meltdown is coming, I say let it happen. Let it rain. Let the shitpile fall. We cannot do worse than this.


Ken of Brooklyn said...

Last night I realized that though I had the game on the radio, I had barely listened to what was happening over several innings, because, well, what's the point. The Yankee's games have finally been reduced to background noise for me, urrrgggg, I'll occasionally focus when there's excitement in The Master's voice, but those occasions are few and far between.
As John M wrote some days ago, when the Yankees go on a hot winning streak, let us not forget that this is the team we're stuck with this year,,,,,,, oh the dread of 2016!

Joe Formerlyof Brooklyn said...

Yes, they already suck and look like there's more of the same (or worse) coming at us.

Here's why that REALLY sucks:

-- whoever orchestrated an election between Donnie and Hillary was (almost certainly) plotting the destruction of the United States. We'll become something else, no matter which one wins. And NOT something good! I don't want to pay attention to THAT.

-- I'm getting old and I need someone to explain to me the entire Transgender Bathroom thing. What the heck is that about? I've been trying to figure: Have the Trangender people, up to this point, been NOT using public bathrooms? Ever? That's one heck of a story, isn't it?

There's much more I could list here, but the point is: Baseball is a kid's game, and I loved it as a kid. And it keeps some of the "kid" alive in me. When my wife says -- "you love the Yankees more than you love me" -- my answer is always.....NO! But I did love them long before you came along!

At a certain age, baseball is a DISTRACTION. It distracts me, anyway, from all of the crap in the real world (and the real world offers a crappier quality of crap lately, doesn't it?).

My old explanation (to myself) of "Fantasy Baseball" was: "It's something for Mets fans and Twins fans and Cubs fans to do during the baseball season." It was their way of keeping that distraction alive, since (generally) their teams were horrible.

But as a lifelong Yankees' fan, I find the team's ability to provide a distraction is fading. As Ken of Brooklyn (no relation!) wrote above -- it fails to distract you, even when you have the game "on" .......

When that happens, you gotta wonder.

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