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Monday, April 18, 2016

Now That's An Owner

LCFC Chairman To Mark Birthday With 

Hal's birthday is December 3rd.  Any suggestions for a generous gesture in kind by INC?  Leave them below.


I'm Bill White said...

Wine and cheese.

el duque said...

Hal could hand out one shiny penny to each street urchin he sees outside the stadium.

KD said...

For one day only food stamps accepted at all concession stands and for admission into the Yankee Stadium Audi Club.

Alphonso said...

How about an all expenses paid trip to Mogadishu?

Blind Robin said...

Nickel beer night.

Anonymous said...

I second Alfonso's suggestion, and add the gift is for the entire Board of the Yankees.

MJ said...

Lonn Trost bobblehead dolls for the first 18,000 premium-seating "guests" to the b-day bash.