Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Britton out until the All-Star break

He'll have elbow surgery this week. Bone chips. Fuckin' bone chips.

Three to four months.

Suddenly, the bullpen: 

El Chapo (hasn't thrown a pitch this spring)
Justin Wilson (ditto)
Darren O'Day (nothing; are we sensing a pattern?)
Mean Chad Green (not one)
Cessa (ERA: 15.00)
Nick Nelson/
Lucas Luetge (LOOGY LOTTO of the day?)
Whoever steps up.

Time for Cashman to visit the scrap heap?


celerino sanchez said...

Don't forget the steal of the century, Abreau & Funky Cold Medina

Anonymous said...

El Duque totally jinxed things. Now we'll have a full week of random injuries.

Kevin said...

Nobody loses a Championship over an elbow chip in March.


maroonduck said...

Yeah, as soon as I saw that yesterday I said to myself "What the fuck was Duque thinking?? Why invoke the wrath of the beard gods when things were going nice?

Please excuse my informality. I'm a longtime reader, but this is the first time I've been moved to comment. I think I know most of you guys from reading your comments.

I hope Duque is proud to have informed all of us that the boys had gone 14 days without injury, and to remember it, my suggestion would be to have the number tattooed on his ass.

ranger_lp said...

Can we all agree that we don't need to see Luis Garcia any more? Haven't they seen enough? I know we have...just release him, send him packing, drive him to the airport...

HoraceClarke66 said...

Duque, we ARE the scrap heap.