Thursday, March 11, 2021

Hitting The Wall

 Sometimes you just can't swallow another six pack worth of brew.

Too much carbonation in the stomach and too much heat from loved ones.

So, you take a brief break. 

Which raises a few questions: 

Has Clint Frazier hit a wall in his road to starting left fielder.  So far, he has reported ( via telephone to his boss ) that " I am feeling strong." Is that why he has been heard singing Popeye songs and "show tunes" from Cabaret?

And does Luke Voit have the numbers to already be nursing soreness in his knee?

As for Andujar.....he has hit a few balls with force, but they are all finding gloves. 

So what is real and what is fantasy?

Time for a beer.


Kevin said...

"Breath deep the gathering gloom......"
Injured players look back and lament
Another days useless energies spend
Cold hearted Hal rules the night
Removes the logic from our sight
But we decide which is right, and which IS an illusion

Carl J. Weitz said...

LOLOL Kevin...great reference to my favorite band.

Alphonso....I see 99 bottles of beer on your wall. You're allowed to stumble but please don't fall.