Thursday, March 11, 2021

Updated Yankee team ISO leaderboard

FWIW, Red Thunder needs to work on his ISO. But holy BABIP! - (LOL!) - check out Gary Sanchez! IMHO, he's gone ISO-OMG crazy! (And ignore BFF, Rob Brantly - too small a SS for relevant ISO.)

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Anonymous said...

Let me apologize right off the bat for my ignorance. Had to look up what the hell "ISO" is. For a moment, I thought we were talking photography here. Found a sabermetrics site that says: "A .300 average with very few extra base hits is quite different from a .300 average with 40 home runs." (Please excuse me while I unleash a cannonade of laughter.) Yeah, like we know the guy with the 40 homers has more power because he has 40 home runs, versus the other guy "with very few extra base hits". Which is why there are stats for doubles, triples also.

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