Monday, March 1, 2021

Day One Follies

 I missed the game because I forgot the YES network is channel 631 in LA.

And, we went out for a bagel picnic near the harbor.

So here are my first day follies:

1.  I was right on about Michael King ( lousy )

2.  I was right about Gary Sanchez ( nothing).

3.  I was right about Giancarlo ( more nothing ).

4.  I was right about the Yankees ( losers ).

See you tomorrow. 


 I think Cole will pitch we'll enough.

Sanchez will not hit for distance ( he might get the day off ).

There will be talk about Urshela ( who isn't ready yet ). 

It will be a long day.

1 comment:

TheWinWarblist said...

Let the carping begin in earnest.

Die Hal.