'98 Yanks rally to tie All-Time Yankee series with '51 team

Series tied: 2-2
Knobby, Jeet, sparkplugs!
Gil takes El Duque downtown!
In dramatic appearance, Joe D ignites stadium!
Mo flubs lead, then comes through!
Billy fails!
Next up: Vic Raschi v David Cone!

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Yankee Suckfest

 1.  Zero runs

2.  Two hits

3.  Devi Garcia gave up a home run per inning.

4.  Abreu was a batting practice pitcher.  I think his era today was 27.00.  And we cut him or play him.  No other option.

5.  We had one pitcher get three outs and give up no runs.  Let's see if I can spell his name:  Leutig?  I think he is 35 and we signed him after Seattle cut him loose. He is a lefty, otherwise he'd be selling candy.

There is not a single young player ( under 30 ) on this team who is interesting ( not including the starters, of course).

I am saying this;  we have what we had last year> Can it be better?  Can it be butter?

I don't think so 


ranger_lp said...

Wojciechowski's ERA is at 19.0. He can't make the team just on the basis that his last name is too long for the in game graphic with the number of pitches. Once the count reaches 10, it overwrites the "i" in his name. So much for the new "clean" look of the graphic. Besides, he's another retread that's not doing so well. Cortes did fine until today when this retread up'd his ERA to 13.5. Abreu (not retread, but future retread) now has an ERA of 27.0.

I get it it's spring training but we're seeing all these retreads and we all could have told you how they would fare.

Fuck Hal and Ca$h.

JM said...

A mere blip on the radar screen. A outlier. A strange confluence of Saturn and Uranus.

Boy, are we fucked.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Huh, no pitching. Who could've predicted that?