Monday, March 1, 2021

Critical points made by John and Suzyn in their first broadcast of 2021

1. The first game of spring training is not all-important.

2. If you study last year's numbers, you'll find a lot of really great players had terrible seasons. Really awful seasons. Really, really bad. But that doesn't mean they won't rebound in 2021. Not by a longshot! (Wink, wink, Gary...)

4.  One real tragedy of the 2020 pandemic was that young Yankee prospects - such as  Oswald Peraza, who looks really exciting! - didn't get to play. They lost an entire year of development, and it will be hard for them to make it up.

5. Spring training add-ons will not receive personalized homer-hollers. For example, Rob Brantley - who hit the first Yankee HR of 2021 - did not warrant a specialized call. ("Rob... is on the job! Oh, Brantley, he is saintly!")  But Mike Tauchman - who homered moments later - remains "Mike Tauchman... the Sock Man." And of course, the two went "back to back... and belly to belly!"

4. Suzyn will handle the exhaustive work of noting in-game replacements. In the fourth, with hordes of new players checking in, John delegated the job to his capable First Lieutenant, though he did note the appearance of the exciting Oswald Peraza at shortstop. 

6. John will not claim to be perfect. After Tauchman's blast, he mistakenly called the game a 5-5 tie, until somebody whispered that the Yankees were still a run behind. He marveled at Suzyn's incredible ability to stay on top of the replacements - noting that he had to turn over his scorecard to find room for the names. At one point, he asked how she knew about the new Blue Jay players, and she replied that she saw them running onto the field. Uncanny.

7. That youngster, Oswald Peraza, can play shortstop like "the best of them!" And he's only 20!

8. Adam Warren has been with the Yankees many times before. That said, it's always good to see him back. 

9. It's great to see real fans in the stands, rather than cardboard cutouts and fake noise. Last year, John put up with both - what was a guy to do, complain? He's not a whiner. But he never liked them. For the record: real people beat cardboard cutouts.

10. If Oswald Peraza hadn't missed last year, who knows how good he might be? That young man looks special!


Suzyn's Bitch said...

And yet, despite all that, it was PURE JOY to hear their voices again! Like a little splash of spring/summer in the midst of all this grey, winter dreariness. I needed it SO MUCH!!

Anonymous said...


Yes. A tonic for sure.

One quick thought...

He of the high AYG-HAB. So glad he got a hit. It's amazing that this guy has to earn his spot. Someone tell me, aside from DJ, (and possibly Clint) who are you happier to see up at bat?

Doug K.

Local Bargain Jerk said...

My entirely subjective AYG-HAB:

     DJ (never gladder)
     Urshela (love this guy)
     Higashioka (because I'm pulling for him to do well)

Not necessarily glad, but I'll watch closely, so I can be righteously pissed off when
you-know-what happens:


Time to refill my beverage and perhaps hit the head

Local Bargain Jerk said...

Sorry, I meant to invent some other category for Gleyber Torres in the above, perhaps "Meh", but I pressed Publish before modifying. To quote 13bit, "My kingdom for an edit key."

Alphonso said...

Fans in the seats? Why didn't someone have the courtesy to tell me the pandemic is over?

Kevin said...

How can a lost year ever get "made up"? Dr. Hawking must be spinning. I'm curious, how many of you guys think that Andujar will put better numbers up than Stanton over the next five years (assuming comparable health)? Does anyone believe that Andujar can ever play anything but first base?

Anonymous said...


It all depends. If he got regular ABs I would say yes AnDUjar will put up better numbers but, and it's a bigger but than, (Fill in your own enormous backside reference here)... if they do the Frazier thing where he's up and down for the next two years then, no.

Doug K.

Kevin said...

Doug, I'm not so sure. Andujar had surgery for a torn shoulder labrum after his big season. Recall that Bird had the same injury/surgery (yeah impossible for a layman to compare surgeries), but torn labrums are very serious. Another point to be made is that other than having having his face smashed into small pieces, Stanton hasn't had any serious injuries over the years. Meaning that he may play out his thirties within normal injury rates. BTW, Andujar can't seem to walk, soooo I suppose we'll have to wait and see who's more delusional. 😂