Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Opening Day AYG-HABs

Two days to go.  

Let’s begin with a brief summary of what the AYG-HAB is just in case the reader is either new to the site, took the winter off, or has reached a level of advanced age where these things don’t stick like they used to. 

AYG-HAB stands for Are You Glad He’s At Bat.  It’s an entirely subjective ranking of players on a scale of 1-7 that basically, assigns a number to your level of comfort with the guy at bat. It can change from day to day, situation, and even pitch to pitch.  (Like two strikes on Stanton). But for the most part you know how you feel on average.  

The scale is as follows: 

AYG-HAB™ 7  Totally

AYG-HAB™ 6  Probably

AYG-HAB™ 5  Sure. What the Hell

AYG-HAB™ 4  Sigh

AYG-HAB™ 3  Please. Please. Please.

AYG-HAB™  2  Oh Crap Not This Guy Again


AYG-HAB™ 1  What else is on?

Last thing before I begin.  I watched a lot of the Spring Training games and I’m basing my AYG-HABs on this year’s potential not last year’s disappointments. Between the short season and, let’s just call it 2020, I’m all for a new slate. 

Here goes…

1B Jay Bruce 4.1 

I can’t believe after all the bullshit I just wrote I have to start with an ageing, three outcome guy. So, 4.1 or Sigh.  For the record Voit was a 6.2.

2B  DJ  7.0 

Highest AYG-HAB on the team. Who among us ever says, “Damn it. DJ’s up”?

SS  Gleyber 6.4

I’m going to go with early Gleyber over recent Gleyber. Maybe I’ve bought a Gammonite narrative, but I used to see him change his swing with two strikes and I think he’s going to go back to being a smart hitter.

3B  Urshala  6.2 

Hard to say something bad about Gio. So, I won’t.

LF Frazier 6.5

This is his year to finally get ALL the AB’s.  Power. Clutch. And most importantly… FUN.

CF Hicks 5.7

Upper, “Sure, What The Hell”.  Look, the guy gets on base. He can hit and run. He’s mostly disappointing and he’s going to get hurt but this is one of those early season AYG-HABs that gives him the benefit of the doubt.

RF – Judge 6.4

I’m ok with fewer HR’s because I like the change in his approach. Also, I think the umps are going to stop calling the low strike that is clearly a ball.  Stay healthy my friend.

C  Sanchez 2.1

Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.  As the Who sang, “Then I'll get on my knees and pray. We don't get fooled again.”  I cut this guy no slack. Easily my least favorite Yankee, perhaps ever.  The only Yankee who pisses me off.

DH Stanton 6.3

There is a saying in baseball that a given player can’t hit his weight. With Stanton it would be great if he would AYG-HAB his height at 6.7 . The potential is there. His playoff AB’s last year were really really good. Till he gets hurt or goes back to his free-swinging ways I’m on board.


Gardy 5.1 at least he grinds.  Wade 4.3 It’s like it never matters when he’s up. If he get’s on, sure. If he doesn’t, whatever. Tauchman 4.8.  Higgy 4.6

There you go.  Play ball!




Suzyn's Bitch! said...

Love this!!

Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside said...

Tomorrow bring us... AYG-HIP... I’ll save your thunder and go with retired Yanks... The only one I have really memorized is CC. 1st inning? 6 5th inning? 2. Mariano... 8!

JM said...

Good grading, although at 2.1 I think Sanchez is a little high by about 2.1.

Anonymous said...



Doug K.

Anonymous said...


Other innings of note for past pitchers

Catfish Hunter in the 1st 4.1 the rest of the game 6.8

Tanaka in the 4th 3.5

1981 World Series Any inning with George Frazier 2.0

Doug K.

Anonymous said...

“There's a hunger with these guys,” Boone said.

Are we ready for a season of Hunger Games?