Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Pace Yourselves...

There is no better surgical spot than Florida for pacemaker implants..

Nearly everyone living there is over 80 ( and has one), and the politics create the stress to need them. 

St. Joseph's Hospital is known for their aspirin and their " magnetic stimulators."  So Booney is in good hands. 

I just worry that Aaron wants to come back to work, far too early.  I think he should wait until fans are fully welcomed.  Or until Michael King pitches 7 shut-out innings. 

The "Mendoza factor" and team love will carry the day until he is fully ready, and calm.  He needs to pace himself, not rush back in.  This isn't a war.  This is a gentlemen's tussle for making it to the wild card, play-in game.  

It is like having a gibson or a martini. And some cannelloni.  That kind of pressure. 

We wish Aaron well.

As for the fans, remember this;  We Have Giancarlo for seven more years. He will spend a lot of that time right next to Boone. 

He is not alone. 


Vampifella said...

Wow... and I'm just about two weeks older than him. Scary stuff and much too young! Prayers out to him!

Scottish Yankee fan said...

Terrible news I hope he gets well soon

HoraceClarke66 said...

Amen, Alphonso, amen!

Aaron Boone is a class act. I hope he takes his time, recovers completely, and leads us into these torrid wild card battles for years to come.

JM said...

I wish Boone all the best. But we still shoulda got Mattingly at any point he was available.

Celerino Sanchez said...

With Booney out, who's going to kick these players asses?

ranger_lp said...

Phillies beating Yanks 15-0 bottom 7. Yanks on the road and they are playing 9 innings. So much for team doing the same thing in his absence.