Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Latest Yank team BABIP leaderboard

The BABIP race is on fire, with Giancarlo Stanton's molten BAPID, and Jay Bruce bringing his own personal BABIP brand. Don't forget Socrates Britto, the Britto of BABIP. 

Some good BABIPs on this Yankee team. Fine BABIPing. 


Anonymous said...

Former Yankee ignores cops in DUI arrest:

“I know people are trying to target me ‘cause I’m a Trump supporter.”

Like the last guy in the White House, Cashman surrounds himself with only the best and the brightest.

In 2016 Paul O’Neill was a proud, vocal Trump supporter. Does he believe the Biden presidency is not legitimate? Do we still want his inane, food-obsessed “color commentary?”

ranger_lp said...

Not only should Luis Garcia get the Survivor boot, but lets consider Justin Wilson too. He got 2.85 million as a retread. His spring ERA is presently 108.00. Let that sink in...108.00. I've never seen an ERA so history...oh...but we have the "Gas Station" to figure out his problem...

We know the problem...he has a leak in his gas amount of video...of spin rates...speed guns...sensors connected to quantum computers will right this guy...108.00...108.00...the guy to replace Britton in the bullpen...gonna be a long first half season...

Carl J. Weitz said...

I've pondered this question here for years: "Why doesn't fucking Cashman get rid of Luis Cessa?" He's not even fit for the pen and never has been a reliable reliever. While better pitchers are dispatched from the roster, he remains. He must have embarrassing pictures of Cashman.

Damon isn't the brightest bulb in the pack so it's no surprise he supports Trump. O'Neill's persona is that of a rube but I think he's a lot smarter than his image. I think he was enthralled by Trump in the beginning but I noticed he backed off that endorsement as his presidency (if you can even call it that) progressed. At least he was smart enough to keep quiet about it.

While Damonn is obviously drunk and should have been stopped, the main cop was an asshole and overly aggressive with them at first. Had they been black or Muslim, I think they might have been roughed up or shot for leaving the car and not immediately obeying the cop's orders.

Anonymous said...

@ Carl J. Yeah, DWB happens all the time. He most probably would've been shot if he'd been African-American.

Re. Damon or O'Neill supporting Trump, I think we can forgive 'em. For most wealthy people, and Damon and O'Neill would certainly qualify, Trump reduced their taxes and made them even richer. Rich people are going to support politicians who help them financially.

The perplexing riddle is why any middle class or lower class American would support Trump. Particularly if you own a home in a high real property tax state. That SALT $10,000 deduction cap was a killer for the middle class in CA, NY, NJ, and CT. Trump doesn't even pay federal income tax, yet he really screwed a lot of middle class people on their federal taxes.

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