Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Pairing with Pedro

Mr. Duque mentioned something this AM that got me thinking. 

A suggestion: I believe YES should hire Pedro as a color announcer. Not only is he funny and smart…”

I've also come to like Petey and yes, I agree, he'd be fun in the booth. However, his arrival would spell the end of Paul O’Neill (who I go back and forth on) and there are a lot of O’Neill fans out there. 

So what to do?

I propose a possible solution. The NFL on Amazon Prime offers alternate broadcast feeds. There is one with an all-female booth for example. Amazon and the Yankees recently concluded a large deal to feature them on Prime.  

They should do the alternate broadcast format with Pedro as the color guy. Hype it. Make it cool and fun. It’s not a step down. It’s an opportunity to mess with a staid concept. Give him some big bucks. If there is anything Amazon has after last year’s home delivery Covid-A-Ganza it’s big bucks.

It’s also possible that he could do the main telecast. (Stream-a-cast?)  I don’t know how the deal was structured. Are they just streaming YES or do they get their own booth?

Either way. Give it to Pedro.

But who fills out that booth?  Who Pairs With Pedro?

To me, the best broadcast has Keith Oberman as the play-by-play guy.

Both opinionated, Olberman’s got the chops. Knowledgeable. Great voice.

(As a side note, listening to Sterling and Kay the other day…  Man, Sterling has a GREAT voice for baseball. He just sounded SO much better. Just wanted to give props.)

Back to Pedro and Olberman…  

In addition to doing a solid job of conveying the game, the two of them would get to do the “intellectual and the guy under the mango tree schtick” It’s the same schtick that Michael Kay and O’Neill do  - The Fordham Grad and the guy who ordered a pizza.  Only I suspect it would be a LOT funnier as Pedro is funnier than Paulie and Keith is funnier than Michael.

I’d listen. 


Anonymous said...

I'd love to see it, definitely. "the Yankees are my daddy" That sealed it for me.

The Hammer of God

EazyE said...

You lost me at Keith Olbe....

EazyE said...

I would watch the game in Spanish first. #No2AssholeOlberman

HoraceClarke66 said...

I'm thinking...Paul McCartney.

Hey, comes to Yankees games. It would get right in the Mets' craw. And he IS...the cute Beatle. Still.

He does the play-by-play, tells old stories about the Beatles. What's not to like? And...we would be the FIRST baseball team with a Beatle in the booth.