Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Injury Adjunct

I don't need to point this out to you most knowledgeable yankee fans.

But some of the drunks in the bar may not be aware.......

The injury to Voit....and the starting role, thereby, given to Jay Bruce.....also hurts the shortstop position. 

Not that Voit was any kind of version of Don Mattingly, as a defensive guru, but he makes Bruce look like a cow with three feet.  

Specifically, the error ratio from Gleybar will soar.  Those slightly errant throws will not be handled.  The same goes for Urshela ( though there will be fewer from the hot corner ).  So lots of outs now become ons. 

It is the domino effect. And it results in runs scored by the bad guys. 

Get used to it. 

Lower your expectations for this Yankee team. 


Anonymous said...

Sadly you are right. A good first baseman makes a huge difference and based on what I've seen so far Bruce ain't a good first baseman. (And understandably so. It's not really his position. But that doesn't make it easier to take.)

Doug K.

DickAllen1964 said...

You are placing way too much value on "errors." They're simply not as important as you seem to think.