Friday, June 18, 2021

Buffalo Bombers, Gio Gold, King of Pain, Kay's book tour and other post-sweep questions


Reality check: If the season ended today, the Yankees would fall short of the Wild Card by 4 games, with Boston and Houston - our regular tormentors - securing the final slots. 

But but BUT... this week's sweep kicked Toronto square in the balls, leaving the Jays below .500 for the first time since April 25. Frankly, they looked like crapola - poor fielding, no timely hits and a Triple A bullpen.    

Questions from our three-game McBroom... er, sweep:

1. Am I projecting, or is Buffalo a Yankee town? Everywhere YES looked, you saw NY jerseys, NY caps, NY ugly. The jeers seemed pro-Yanks -even the hecklers. What hath God wrought? 

I suspect the good people of East Aurora and Lackawanna viewed this series as a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see the Yanks without crossing the border and having ICE take away your kids. (Remember: Last year, no fans could attend.) Soon - fingers crossed here - the border lockdown will end, so Toronto can play actual home games.

In the past, when the Death Barge visited Toronto, Yank fans always showed up. But this week in Buffalo was NY crazy. (Also, tonight's stadium crowd, expected to be full for the first time, should be fucking wild. The Yankees better play well, or they will catch some thunderous boos.) 

2. If we were to name a mid-season Yankee MVP, how could it not be Gio Urshela? He is second on the team in batting (.269), fourth in HRs (8), third in RBIs (22) and second in OPS (.749.) Moreover, he is the best fielding 3B in the game. Last night, he made a play that belongs in a museum. He ranged deep into foul territory, snared a ball and throw the runner out, nearly flinging himself into the stands like Jeter. 

If Gleyber Torres goes out with a bad back - a real possibility - don't be surprised if Gio moves to SS, and we barely skip a beat. (This would mean Luke Voit returns, and DJ LeMahieu moves to 2B.) You could make MVP cases for Aaron Judge or DJ, but where would we be without Gio? Below .500 and still chasing Toronto, I suspect.

3. At some point, can the Yankees protect their fans and replace Michael King in the rotation? I am reminded of a game many years ago when manager Yogi Berra removed Bob Shirley in a scoreless tie. Shirley pleaded, "Why are you taking me out? I haven't given up a run." Yogi is said to have replied, "My heart can't take any more of this." 

That's how I feel about King. Somehow, last night - a triple play certainly helped - King made it into the fifth, giving up only three runs. But he was always on the ledge, and my ventricles weren't going to last much longer. Somebody must rise from the farms. The Yankees might have to throw a hail Mary and promote a kid from Double A - somebody, anybody - because King is going to kill me. If I die, I want him prosecuted. 

4. Need we endure relentless hype for Michael Kay's book of "Centerstage" interviews? Twice now, Kay has told the story - which I'd like to see verified - of how his wondrous interview with Mike Tyson planted the seed for Tyson's future one-man show. It's a nice tale, and if true, Kay can be proud. But yeesh, that doesn't mean you tell it again and again. 

Also, David Cone is a good friend and loyal sidekick, but he doesn't need to hawk the book during pitching delays. 

I say this hoping the book does well - I'm sure it will, considering the strategic Father's Day hype. But I shall always smart over Centerstage because of its true host: The Master himself, John Sterling. 


JM said...

Buffalo is a Yankees town, has been forever, as I recall. (Caveat: my memory isn't what it used to be.)

Kay is monetizing his TV work. If he was an online company, his stock price would be going to the roof.

Ford is a pretty good first baseman, sure, but he can't hit. Too bad. I think he'll continue his career trajectory in Tampa. As Cone said when talking about the trade, "they're not perfect." Since there isn't a Ford in our future, maybe we could draft a kid named Hyundai.

What is up with Lasagna? 100 mph routinely. Painting the corners. Totally shutting down the opposition. Cone and Kay were saying he could be a starter, a closer, whatever the fuck he wants. If he could be a starter and throw like he has been throwing, the rotation would suddenly look a lot better.

Sweeping Toronto isn't a world-beating achievement, but we looked great last night. And the triple play--as Buck broke it down postgame, everybody did everything right. Amazing.

Dantes said...

Lasagna has an injury history, he never stayed healthy as a starter. That’s why he’s in the bullpen

Platoni said...

Last night, as Gittens came to bat with runners on 2nd and 3rd and two outs, I prepared a comment lamenting the Yankees RISP-fail tendency (predisposition?). Lo and behold! The "Kitten" scratched his way into a beautiful oppo hit, beating the shift. I erased it, calling myself a baseball noob (as the youngs say).

But then I looked at the box score for the game and saw 2-11 with RISP. Who's the noob now, my other self?

TheWinWarblist said...

Kay can choke on a bookmark.

Joe Formerlyof Brooklyn said...

Please do not mistake this comment for a pro-Cashmoney thing.

However, it is worth our note -- with all of the garbage this guy regularly spouts, produces, and does not bother to change (whether or not it's Hal at the controls) --

-- Gio came to the Yankees for nuthin'. According to one report, the price was $25000 cash. He came from Toronto's minor league system.

So sometimes an acorn CAN find a blind pig . . .

BernBabyBern said...

You should have had Kay write the forward for "The Juju Rules" -- just think of the hours and hours and hours (and hours and hours and hours and ...) of free publicity you would've received. I imagine long after he's retired, he'll get dragged out for an Old Timers Day appearance, they'll put a mic in his hand, and he'll tearfully thank the fans and tell them about that time Mike Tyson was on his show, and how they can read all about it in his book.

el duque said...

Original headline for the Ford trade:


I thought it would be too harsh. (Also, we had won two in a row.)

HoraceClarke66 said...

Gittens last night with that opposite-field hit, AND the sac fly. Perfect. Perfect situational hitting, and what we've been grousing about all year (or decade). I love it.

HoraceClarke66 said...

And yes, JM, that Buck breakdown was a thing of beauty, showing how all 9 Yankees on the field did their job on the triple play, backing up and making the plays. King got it started—maybe baseball could make another stupid rule change and he could be the designated fielding pitcher for Chapo?

Anyway, for whatever reason—the clean, fresh spray off Niagara Falls?—the Yanks are suddenly looking like an alert, involved team again. We'll see how long that lasts.

HoraceClarke66 said...

And yes, Joe FOB, that IS what Cashman does best: dumpster dives for prematurely discarded ballplayer. Hey, it's a skill and we give him his props for it.

It just doesn't make up for a constant failure to build a farm system or find good pitching.

ZacharyA said...

The Yankees went 3-22 (.136) with RISP in this series and somehow swept it. Seems lucky.

Yankees MVPs so far:

1. Cole
2. Judge
3. Urshela
4. Loaisiga

Did you know Loaisiga was tied for the AL lead in innings pitched by a reliever?

Also, on what planet does LeMahieu sniff the team MVP rankings?

DJ hit .336/.386/.536 in 2019-2020 and .261/.338/.342 this year. He's hitting .224 with RISP. Come on.

el duque said...

DJ has played two critical positions, and though his average is low, compared to last year, he's still one of the team leaders.

In the "Where would we be without him?" Index, he finishes high.

ZacharyA said...

A second baseman with a .680 OPS who can fill in at 1B when needed is not that impressive to me.

Swap DJ out with Josh Harrison or Nick Solak and our record doesn't change IMO.

DickAllen said...

As much as I love DJ, I don’t consider him a “leader.” In fact, I think that is the main problem with this team: no leadership. No one busting water coolers, no kangaroo court, no nuthin. College dorms have more energy than this team and I think that lack of energy can easily be seen in the collective body language as the slump back to the dugout in an endless parade.

DJ? Good guy. Too quiet to be a leader. Not hitting enough yet to be inspirational.

Anonymous said...

We got lucky that Toronto's pitching basically imploded, along with their disastrous base-running. As Susan Waldman said, it's nice to know that there is a team with worse base running than ours.

The sweep of the Blue Jays was sweet. We owed them an ass kicking. But if we can't string together a long streak of series wins, it will mean nothing.

The Hammer of God

Der Kaiser said...

Wasn't Brett Gardner supposed to be providing leadership?

TheWinWarblist said...


Jorge Munson said...

Did M'Kay write a book? I hadn't heard.

Alphonso said...

As the drum beats.....Gittins will now emerge as an offensive force, just as Voit returns.

Gettins will sit on the bench while Voit goes 2-29, with 15 strike outs and 4 hit into double plays.

Gittins ...who should probably start at first...will be sent away.

Drum beats..

13bit said...

don't let this series go to your head.

Rufus T. Firefly said...

LeMajor can also play third, which allows bonehead to pull his managery stupid moves. At least it allows the Yankees to actually field a defensive team that doesn't have a left hand third baseman.

Anonymous said...

Urshela is a very good defender, but Yoan Moncada and Kyle Seager are better.

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