Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Never do the Yankees look more inept than when blaming their loss on an ump's bad third strike call

You saw it! I saw it! The world saw it! The corrupt, illegal, Yankee-hating ump - Morales! grr! - called strike three on good-hearted Roogie Odor, a ball socially distanced from home plate. It cost us a game, a Sunday night, revenge against Boston and - who knows? - maybe a future Wild Card birth.  

Where's the justice? MLB is a hoax league, the games are rigged, and America must not stand for it! If the ump - Morales! grr! - had called ball four, it would have loaded the bases for Clint Frazier, who is as close to a "sure thing" as there is. Everybody knows he would have delivered a walk-off hit, regardless of what the fake batting averages say. It's known that several strikes were actually called from Dubai. People are saying MLB should not ratify Boston's win until every pitch has been audited with expensive new gadgetry. What is Boston afraid of? Why are they so terrified of truth? Until the audit is done, the Yankees should have the victory, hero coach Phil Nevin 's ejection should be overturned, and the umps should go to jail!

That's what we've become... 

Wailing to the heavens about a called third strike. 

"The dingoes ate mah baybee!" (Which they did, but it doesn't matter.)

About that call...

1. When you fan 10-to-15 times per game - as the Yankees now do - sorry, pal, but you don't get the benefit of the doubt on close calls.

2. If Odor had walked, wouldn't Tippy-Toes have simply tapped another grounder to short?  

3. Did anybody really think the Yankees were going to win? All weekend, they found creative ways to lose. This wasn't sports. It was performance art.

4. Boston won because they advanced baserunners and protected the plate with two strikes. Whenever a Yankee hitter reached strike two, forgettaboutit. 

5. Right now, the Yankees seem to have achieved a toxic fear of failure. Nobody adjusts with two strikes or RISP. They just swing harder. 

Every year, the Death Barge goes through a hapless period, when nothing goes right. Around July/August, we make a run. Sometimes, we nab a Wild Card and first-round knockout. That could still happen. 

But but BUT... I cannot recall a Yankee lineup so bloated, so lopsided, with RH bats. Without balance in the order, this team faces more than a dry spell. This is a mega-drought. It won't require a tweak. It might need dynamite. 

And never do the Yankees look more inept than when howling about a called third strike, which is how degraded this franchise has become. 


ranger_lp said...

The only saving grace for the Yanks is when two weeks from now, the umpires will be doing strip searches on pitchers for foreign objects (sort of like pro wresting right?). Spin rates on pitches go down, home runs and hits go up. That's the best we can hope for.

JM said...

Overall, Duque, I get your point. But that wasn't a close call, and it doesn't matter how many times we strike out in any given game. That was way outside. WAAAAAYYYYYY outside. So, yes, I am pissed off about it, because while the odds would've still been against us, we'll never know what might have happened. If Odor walks, and Frazier fails, ok, fine. I can live with that. But when the ump is that bad and Frazier doesn't get the chance to fail, that's something that sticks in your craw. OK, maybe not yours, but mine and a lot of other people's. And, yes, we're not going well, so that kind of thing is magnified. Like the low pitches that are strikes for Judge and nobody else.

My very first reaction to that strike call was, the guy's on the take. Gotta be. Or maybe he had a big bet down on the Yankees Official Online Gambling Site. Whatever. It was that bad.

TheWinWarblist said...

Yes, Ranger, Cole's HR/9 and BAA goes up, German's HR/9 and BAA goes up, Kluber's HR/9 and BAA goes up, oh sweet baby bejeezus onna stick Tallion's HR/9 and BAA is gonna go up, and Flop Sweat!! Aaaahhhhhhhhhhh Flop Sweat's HR/9 and BAA are gonna go way way up!


Carl J. Weitz said...

No wonder they called up Gittens. He fit's their mold exactly. He strikes out close to 50% of the time. He sucks, their farm system sucks, Cashman and the rest of the Bloated Front Office sucks, and worst of all Hal Steinbrenner sucks. The best Yankee fans can hope for is a mid-air crash between the team's chartered airplane with the entire organization and players on board and a non-maintained (for lack of cash flow) Trump private jet with he and Giuliani aboard. Then MLB will allow special organizational dispensation and the Yankees can start over from scratch.

Right, LOL??

Anonymous said...

The number of bad ball-strike calls this year has been obscene. The worst I've ever seen, by a million miles.

For the most part, they've been erring on the side of pitchers. Most everything is a strike. Neck high? Strike. Ankle high? Strike. 3-4 inches off the corners? Strike. In the year of the pitcher, as if pitching needed any help, they've been doing this. I'm waiting for a ball in the dirt to be called a strike. Haven't seen that yet, but I think that will happen sometime this year.

On the other hand, I have seen a few head scratchers in every game where the pitch is over the middle of the plate and thigh high. But it's called a ball.

What the hell is going on?

The Hammer of God

Anonymous said...

The call Sunday was atrocious, but at least the bases weren't loaded. Please check out @UmpireAuditor on twitter. They post a daily clip and there've been a couple calls just within the past week even worse than against the Yankees. Most importantly, these things DO even out over time. Chapman has been rescued from several jams over the last year-or-so by umpires and no one was treated better than Mariano. Umps must have thought that if that's the spot Mo hit, it must have been a strike.

-Joe Mauer

HoraceClarke66 said...

Hammer, I really think these guys are throwing so hard and with such deceptive spin rates that the umps can't follow the ball. Hey, the players can't, why should we expect the umps to?

Or they are all gambling—and I do think pro sports getting in bed with the gamblers is an implosion waiting to happen.

But more of it speaks to the degraded culture of the sport. With two strikes, protect the plate. Just try for a base hit. Pitch to contact, you have to throw more than 2-5 innings.

Nobody believes in any of that anymore. The accumulated knowledge of 180 years is to be just tossed out the window.

Hence the sport sucks, and the Yanks suck, too. It's hard for me to get angry about bad calls when the baseball is so bad I can't watch the games.

Anonymous said...

HC66 -- for the most part pitchers weren't throwing nearly as hard in the misty nostaglic past that you long for. Even in warmups they soft-tossed. The game keeps evolving. There were antiquarians reproducing your words almost verbatim in 1920 after the introduction of the lively ball.

Anonymous said...

What's going on with the bad calls at the plate is that we now have sonar technology to check the calls that we didn't have in the "good old days," when variant strike zones and bad calls were even more of a problem.

ranger_lp said...

After listening to Gerrit Cole, ya think he used Spider Tack? Like maybe?

Publius said...

Pineda on the mound tonight, Refsnyder in centerfield. Just when you think Cashman's humiliations cannot get worse. His family should not leave him alone tonight. Depending on how this game goes, I fear for his mental state. What man could endure such embarassment? Keep him away from sharp objects. Keep him off high floors.

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