Thursday, June 10, 2021

Disregard What You Are Seeing....

And, yes, for you cynics, that means the words I am presenting.

But the positive performances against the Twins simply DO NOT COUNT !

It is like the executive who boasts to his peers that he secured the "prime booth at the Expo" for his company, when his company is paying for the entire event. 

For six innings I chose to watch the NCAA women's world series ( softball )  between Oklahoma and Florida State.  A much better sport to watch, than the Yankees.  Final is today ( best 2 of 3 ).  Oklahoma is favored. 

So I checked the Yankee box score in the ninth.  I noticed that we gave up much of our lead and that Frazier was our only strike-out victim.  There is something for consistency.

But the hitting by Giancarlo and others is an illusion.  Hitting against the Twins, in that stadium, is like the " home run derby" at the county fair.  The Twins would play .500 ball in AA. 

This weekend, after another off day tomorrow, the Yanks travel to Philadelphia.  Where Stanton won't hit for another three days ( no DH ).  So he will need another two weeks after that to regain the footing we think he found in Minny.

Don't kid yourself.  He still can't hit a breaking ball.


JM said...

Kriske is lousy, but I think he can salvage a career by becoming a baserunning specialist. He just has to learn how to slide. Then he can change his name to Crisco.

I'll be here all week, ladies and gentlemen. Try the veal.

mik said...

About "Disregard What You Are Seeing...." -- could not be more on the nose. Listening to the Michael Kay radio show today was tough today because his point was that Cole had closed the door on the sticky-stuff issue with this great outing vs. the Twins. Well, lets review: Cole pitched 6 innings, gave up 2 runs (2 HR's) which translates to an ERA of 3.00 - not exactly world class.

Always happy to take the wins but it does cover up the HUGE holes that this team has.