Monday, June 28, 2021

HoraceClarke66: What Genius Got Us into This Fix?

 From the tortured computer of HoraceClarke66:

Even as the Yankees’ equipment truck did its best imitation of a Ben Affleck heist movie, shock waves about the lost weekend up in Fenway reverberated through the Yankiverse. Sort of.

 Hey, the last time the Yanks played this badly up in Fenway Park the rightfielder and the manager nearly killed each other, and the shortstop tried to jump the team.

 This time? Mmm, not so much. 

 There have already been some blood-and-thunder reactions in the sporting press, such as Bill Madden’s column in the Daily News calling for Boone’s head—though to my mind, he was still a head short.

 John Harper, meanwhile, professed himself baffled by the whole situation on SNY, telling us how “This team was built for a championship” and was “essentially the same as the last two [full] years when they won a hundred games.”

 Was it?

 Putting aside for a moment the fact that the last of those seasons was two years ago—a lifetime in professional sports—is this the same Yankees team?

 Not quite. We’re talking a team now with no Didi, no Encarnacion, a very different Andujar playing a new position, no equivalent of Cameron Maybin on the bench. A Gardy who looks 10 years  older. An all-righty lineup versus one that regularly featured 3-4 respectable lefties.

 Harper has a point in that the rapid deterioration of players such as Miggy, LeMahieu, Voit, Tauchman, Hicks, Ford, and especially Frazier and The Gleyber remains somewhat mysterious. But that’s about it.

 The starting staff two years ago included Tanaka, Happ, Paxton, and CC. All were on the downward slide, but still respectable major-league pitchers, and German was having his excellent rookie year. The change here is mysterious to you, Harp?

 But above all, take a look at the pen. In 2019 it was Chapman, Britton, Green, Ottavino, and Kahnle—lefties and righties, all close to or at their peak. Does it really mystify us that Wandy, Lugnut, Cessa and co. don’t measure up?

 Sportswriters, like GMs and Soviet commissars, expect all players to keep performing at their peak value, forever. That’s not how it works.

 But it’s not the writers’ fault that this Yankees team can drop three straight like this up in Boston without a hint of emotion. I’m not saying Ma Boone should challenge Judge to a fight—but right now, any hint of spirit would be welcome.

 If these guys can’t get up for it, why should we?


Anonymous said...

"If these guys can’t get up for it, why should we?"

Well, I haven't been following this shit show too closely. Had been following the Islanders until they got eliminated by the Tampa Lightning. Turns out to be another team that can't beat Tampa. Do you realize that Tampa might win the Superbowl, the Stanley Cup, and the World Series this year? It's enough to induce vomiting, for sure.

Last night, I watched boxing on FOX. There were two highly entertaining fights, including a beautiful first round knockout by champion Cuban phenom David Morales, Jr. over an undefeated Mexican fighter.

I fully expected a sweep by the Red Sux this weekend. The Montgomery game was our best chance of winning one. Our cocky stud starter Cole is on one of his lousy streaks again, so I knew he was going to get his butt handed to him by Boston's lefty hitters.

Left handed hitting, what a concept. Two decades from now, the Yankee brain trust will wake up and put together a lineup with 6 or 7 lefty hitters. And they'll say: "In today's game, it's important to have quality lefty hitters so you aren't overpowered by hard throwing righty pitchers with good hooks. In the early 2020's, everyone believed that lefty-righty didn't matter when it came to hitting home runs. Now the game has evolved and we know better." It'll be just in time for the lefty pitching explosion in Tampa and Boston, which will feature 7 or 8 lefty starters in their rotation who are like Randy Johnson in his prime. And we'll struggle to win one or two games against our chief rivals. One or two games for the entire season series, that is.

The Hammer of God

Alphonso said...

I believe Cashman's nephew was driving the truck.

He used to drive the team bus but, at one point, that vehicle transported valuable assets.

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