Thursday, June 3, 2021

Ripley's~~~~Believe It Or Else!

Incredible how many categories we have the advantage in. Amazing. Unbelievable. Even team BA (looks more like a tie to me, but I'll take it.)*

But...IT'S ALL TRUE!!!

Believe it....OR ELSE!!!!

*Please ignore Runs Per Game, Run Differential Per Game, Hits Per Game, Home Runs Per Game, and Errors Per Game. Statistics prove that none of that is important over the long run. Remember the Go-Go White Sox.. Remember the Maine. Try to remember the kind of September when grass was green and the grain was yellow, and if you remember then follow...follow follow follow... 


JM said...

We're not starting on time because it stopped raining three hours ago.

And it's supposed to rain again at 5 pm, so let's wait as long as possible to make sure that window won't be long enough for a game.


TheWinWarblist said...


Kevin said...

HEY! The important thing is that Cole got SEVEN, count 'em, Ks! Not to mock Cole, but this emphasis on Ks, instead of effective innings pitched which wins pennants. Well, it's starting to look like next year....

Rufus T. Firefly said...


Cole was not good today, but the ump made him awful with his inconsistent strike zone. - as even big head noticed.

But a huge one for the DEVIL rays pitcher. Sad but funny comment about Frazier striking out on a 5-0 pitch.

CG11 said...

Run differentials for top AL teams:

White Sox +79
Rays +67
Astros +58
Blue Jays +47
Red Sox +44
Yankees +4
Athletics +1
Indians -6

Kevin said...

'ppreciate that Rufus.

Platoni said...

How much do you guys wanna bet that Gargantuarlo Stanton sat today because of a tweak. I predict another spa stint for him by the weekend.