Saturday, June 26, 2021

No Worries

 We still have 15 games against these guys.

All we have to do is win 10 of them and we'll be tied for first.

How have we done in the first four, I just can't seem to recall?

We have a monster line-up.  Lots of guys capable of prodigious "exit" velocities.

Boone says these guys " are very close to showing what they can do."

So why am I still worried?


PS: Lately, even when our "ACE" holds the opposition to two runs and 7 innings, we often lose. Then other guys pitch.

Is Severino back yet?


Anonymous said...

Our only reliable starter, in terms of the team winning, is now ... Jordan Montgomery, of all people. When he pitches, the team wins most of the time. Good for Montgomery, but not so good for Gerrit Cole, who was supposed to be our A #1.

So we've lost all four games we've played against the Red Sux this year. Why am I not surprised? We suck against the Red Sux and the Tampons. The last year against the tanking Red Sux was just a mirage. This right now is the new Red Sux, and we're back to the usual suck-fest against them. We even sucked against the Blue Jays, before we so unexpectedly gave them a drubbing a couple of weeks ago. But keep in mind the Jays kind of handed us two games with inexplicably stupid base running. I expect another sweep by the Red Sux again this weekend. I'd be surprised if we win one. I'd be amazed if we come back to win two.

The Hammer of God

Artificial Lemon Flavoring said...

Can someone, anyone tell me WHY when the Hankees rehab our top tier pitching talent we only rehab the top tier of their pitching bodies? I'm curious . . .

JM said...

I think Dr. Believe was the clubhouse doctor for the '69 Mets.

I expect to win tonight and tomorrow. I may be living in a fantasy fueled dream world. Or a whiskey fueled one.

Alphonso said...

Have a sidecar.

Joe Formerlyof Brooklyn said...

Every morning I go to, type in Yankees -- and each time I am unable to find the news item saying they've sacked Lorna Boone.

This is more disappointing than the games themselves.

Anonymous said...

Alphonso or anybody: Why haven't the Yankees promoted Hoy Jun Park?

Alphonso said...

They haven't promoted Park because they don't like Yankee prospects.

They are in love with Torres and will not move him, even if he goes 1-100. They might move him down in line-up to 7th, say, but he is their guy. And they will argue, " well, we gave Sanchez three years and he looks like he's back....we can do the same for Gleyber."

If Park is really good, they will trade him. That's what we do with all Koran players (who soon become all stars for a team that beats us).

Not to suggest that Boone and Cashman are prejudiced. But they are stupid and do not have faith any Yankee prospect.

Keep in mind, the Yankees are only interested in the present. Not the future.

The wild card is enough.

We should all root for someone else. Someone who would promote Park.

Anonymous said...

Bingo on all counts, Alphonso. You have nailed the Yankee front-office pathologies perfectly.

DickAllen said...

Except for one small detail: this team might not be good enough to qualify for a wild card spot

JM said...

I predict we'll get into the playoffs but end up playing the Ray-Rays at some point. God help us.

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