Saturday, June 12, 2021

The Yankees need a Bill Murray

 Yesterday, Bill Murray suggested that children across Chicago forego their allowance so the billionaire owner can keep the Cubs lineup intact.

We need somebody to call out Food Stamps Steinbrenner.


JM said...

Murray is great. If only he was a Yankees fan.

Can someone please delete the plug for Dr. Akhere? As heartfelt and genuine as I'm sure it is, it's not really about baseball. Unless you consider Buck Showalter an ex-lover, which is not a picture anyone wants in their head.

Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside said...

Back when the Yankees won everything, and the Red Sox won nothing, the natives I live with here in NH would complain…. The Yankees are buying the championship! It’s only because of all their money! I’d calmly explain that the Yankees only have that money because of the fans. We listen to the game, we’re driven by Jeep, we live in Hebrew Home at Riverdale. If only the Red Sox fans actually liked the Red Sox as much as we live the Yankees, they might muster to win a bean pot or two against BU or NEU.

Then George died, and took his wallet and my argument with him.

TheWinWarblist said...

I believe It Is High serves that purpose Duque. Unfortunately, Bill Murray's fame gives him more reach than you and The Commentariat.

Anonymous said...

Actually, we could just Bill "I'm Alright" Murray to blow up Hal's lawn, corral, soccer pitch, etc. ala The Groundskeeper.
NOTICE; No Animals were hurt in the filming of this fantasy.
The Archangel

Nitish Kumar said...

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