Saturday, June 5, 2021

Doesnt matter..

 There are no rules that apply to this Yankee " team."

But here's the thing:

1.  Why does anyone have confidence in Stanton?  Every game he is 0-4 with 2 K's.  Sometimes more. He is at .256 and fading. 

2.  Sanchez struck out four times yesterday, and yet he starts today.

3.  Everyone see that fly ball to the wall that Andujar couldn't catch?  

He has mediocre outfield skills for a AA club.  And his hitting doesn't look much different.  Yes, if you take the last 12 at bats, he is hitting okay. ( not counting today ).  But he is not a guy I want up when it matters.  And more and more, he is not the guy I want up when it doesn't matter either. 

 He doesn't look the same as when he had a break-out rookie season. 

4.  And what of Clint Frazier?  Aaron must be referring to him when he says, " our guys in that room are capable of doing a lot of damage.  "  Aaron avoids the fact that one third of the season is gone, and it hasn't happened yet. Or that we lead the league in every crappy statistic one can conjure. 

5.  The new guy didn't have the kind of debut that said, " we've finally got our first base problem sorted."  He deserves another 10 games or so. 

6.  The Chad Greene mystique finally hit a wall. That fastball got hammered a bit.  

7.  We are beginning to run thin in the bullpen, even though Taillon pitched well.  But the floodgates opened when Andujar failed to catch that fly to the wall. 

8.  Once the game is tied. we cannot win.  How is Toronto doing today?

9.  Aaron says well get 'em tomorrow.   " I think we can win the getaway day game and get this thing turned around. "

10.  Lucky we have a few days off coming up.  Otherwise, they might have to grant another start to our number one pitching prospect.  Ugh.

She looks little like Luke Voit, doesn't she?


Anonymous said...

Ten games for Gittens? That seems a big stingy. By that standard Mickey Mantle would not have have a major league career. This team is going nowhere this year. Twenty or thirty games is more like it before making a definitive judgment.

Kevin said...

Andujar suffered a torn shoulder labrum a few years back. Why should we expect that he'll ever be the same? Management and fans need to consider the possibility that he'll never get back. Yes, every injury is different, but where's Greg Bird? I'm reading "The Best Team Money Can Buy", about the 1977 Yankee season. Know what? The only current Yankee positional player who could have been a starter on that club is Judge. And I have no doubt that the old time pitching squad, with their " outdated" training and usage patterns would be at or near the top of either league.
Our current team has ONE above average defender, Judge, and LeMahieu along with Judge, are the only fundamentally sound players. So is Gardner and Higgy, but they shouldn't be starters. I can't understand why Boone and probably all the coaches haven't all been fired, if only to send a message. It's late, and I babble. Still, lacking some trading miracle, Hal going through the cap, and someone in the minors going wild, we're just toast.

Anonymous said...

Hire an arsonist; burn this outhouse down.
Bring up Amburgey and Park who are batting like .400 in AAA. See what they got.
Bring up Allen and let Gardner retire midseason or just make him an extra like back in the day when a 4th or 5th OF got about 100AB.
Bring in pitchers from AA and AAA and see what they got.
Open up about 5 slots on the 40-man to do so, but so what.
Trade Anyone
Let some of these younger guys show the passion of actually wanting to be MLBers-Like we see in Urshela every day.
This Franchise needs a crop-duster the like the one which used to fly over my Town to kill the mosquitoes. "Stay indoors for 2hours kids."
Disloyal? No !! Tough love
The Archangel

Anonymous said...

@The Archangel Yeah, all this stems from complacency by ownership and management. The club has gotten much too fat for its own good. These fat cats are blind to everything except their bank accounts and jobs.

The Hammer of God

EDB said...

Poor construction and refusal to change what is wrong. Stud To Dud Sanchez needs to go. Tissue Mon Stanton when start to hit and get injured again. Judge talks a good game and does nothing in big games. His stats are A-Rod like, not when it counts. Yada yada yada.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Excellent point about that 1977 team, Kevin—and of course most of it was NOT bought but assembled through a series of genius trades by Gabe Paul, a GM who knew the game.

Look at how that team was put together: most days, there were 4-5 lefties and a switch-hitter in the lineup, and the starting rotation included two lefties. You had the likes of Cliff Johnson, Paul Blair, and Carlos May coming off the bench, along with either Sweet Lou or Roy White.

That team led the AL in almost nothing, but they were near the top in almost everything. They hit 184 homers (3rd best), hit .281 (2nd), struck out only 681 times (2nd fewest), had a .788 OPS (2nd), had a 3.61 ERA (3rd), and allowed the fewest runs. They had a superb fielding infield, and by several measures were the best fielding team in the AL. They also stole 93 bases.

The 1977 Yanks had the best all-around catcher in the league, their closer won the Cy Young, their centerfielder hit .326 and one of their left fielders hit .330.

They could, in short, beat you any number of ways: with power, with singles, with starting pitching, with the bullpen, with their gloves. They outlasted a powerhouse Boston team that hit 213 homers to win the division, beat a superb Royals team that won 102 games in the ALCS, and beat a Dodgers team that had won 98 games and dethroned The Big Red Machine in the World Series.

Yeah, that was a team.

Alphonso said...

I agree with EDB about Judge. He homers when we lose 8-1 and watches called strike three with the bases loaded and the Yanks down by four runs.

Kevin...I put Urshela in the list of above average defenders . You probably forgot him because we didn't;t deserve to get him.

And Anonymous, of course you are right. I was reacting to this Yankee management, who gives no leeway to young people.

JM said...

Judge and Stanton are the epitome of streaky hitters. When both are in the slumping, non-streaky phase at the same time, it's deadly. Whereas Sanchez is just deadly, period.

DJ, Gio, Judge are the defensive guys, I agree. And Kyle, too, I think. Hell, even Sanchez has got better at catching. Miggy is "still learning the position," but Frazier, though a bit spotty, is turning in a solid showing. And Gardy is still a weak-armed but still good CF.

This team is very weird. They go on a tear and look like world beaters, turning in defensive gems and hitting just enough to support a stingy staff--not an unheard-of combo for a championship team. But then they just fall apart, with every aspect of the game going to shit. How does that happen? Cora praised Boone yesterday for being calm and not panicking, like that was a profound virtue. Maybe it is, up to a point. Then you have to start benching guys and kicking some asses, if that's even possible with players in this day and age.

Of course, if he did that, who's he going to replace the benched guys with? There's nobody there. And the Yankees being the Yankees, the idea that they'll bring up some kids and give them a chance is almost unfathomable. For that, a problem has to be so glaring for so long, it's too late by the time they act.

On the other hand, of which there are always a few, we've been without Britton and Sevvy and mostly without Voit, who is going to take time to come around even when he does play. The injuries of the past few years are taking their toll beyond Judge and Stanton missing one-third to one-half of our games. Throw in the usual mismanagement of guys like Frazier and it's a rancid stew.

I don't even see how we have good trading material on the big club. Get past the guys we won't trade or can't trade, and what do you get in return? Bag of donuts and mediocre AA pitchers. Yeah, that's not gonna help.

Kevin said...

JM, good points. Maybe bringing up a player from the minors just to embarrass a starter. I.E. bench the starter for the bushman......

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