Friday, June 4, 2021

Problem posed, solution given.

 In today's comment section:

Blogger JM said...

By the way, as Pete Rose sits barred from baseball and from making the HOF, does anyone else wince every time the Yankees Official Online Betting Site pops up on the screen? How the worm has turned on that one.

June 4, 2021 at 8:58 AM

To which came this...

Blogger Mustang said...

JM, I wince along with you. There going to be a beautiful betting scandal some day. Maybe some Hal or other will be tempted to triple his profits by betting against his team.

June 4, 2021 at 11:01 AM


We need betting odds on whether Pete Rose will make the Hall of Fame.


Rufus T. Firefly said...

Pete Rose will not make it to the HOF without paying admission.

I hated him as a player (especially after 1976), but met him in FLL airport. Was nice as anything and signed a bunch of stuff for people that approached them and talked to anyone that wanted to engage.

Dumb as a stump, though. Probably explains why he kept betting on his own games when he knew they suspected him.

Since Ty Cobb is in, I'd say Pete should be there too. But Shoeless Joe should get in first.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Am currently being held prisoner in the greater Boston area. But my jailers kindly allowed me to write in and say:

—Yes, pro sports going whole hog for gambling is hugely stupid and dangerous, and will probably crash the whole, out-of-control structure soon. Is the bigger goal to become professional wrestling?

—No to Pete Rose in the Hall. Those were the rules, those are the rules, those have always been the rule, and they were spelled out in detail 100 years ago.

And even betting ON your own team is no good. Maybe you wreck that great closer you have just to get your money back, etc. The conflict of interest is all too clear.

And you know? Couldn't happen to a better guy. You wreck a guy's an All-Star Game? Fuck you.

JM said...

I don't know if the almighty writers will vote him in while he's alive, or if MLB would even allow it if they did.

How autonomous is the hall, anyway?

But Shoeless Joe... yeah, I don't know. Maybe. Maybe they can add a small wing for gamblers, Series throwers, and PED users who have the stats to get in.

It would be a fun exhibit.

Kevin said...

Rufus, I assume that you are talking about Cobb's "racism". 1. We don't know that he was a true racist after all these years. Do we go back through History and judge people according to our current "Age of Enlightenment" (the fact that he made the Hall immediately answers that question)? Where does that stop? 2. I've read that Cobb wasn't even a racist, but again, how to tell? And if racism is a criteria for tossing someone from the Hall, what would we wind up with, half a Hall? And the same would have to go towards the Negro League players. Think that those guys would pass the same muster? 3. Joe Jackson should be in.

NFW should Rose ever sniff the Hall for the reasons that Horace mentions above. Insofar as MLB becoming pro wrestling, aren't all "pro" sports getting to that point? Classless, vulgar, sportsmanship a joke, "me first" instead of commitment to the larger cause (which for so many, many years was the "raison d'être" if team sports), I could go on, and on, and on...... And the same could be said for sports announcers. Yeah, I guess I've become a codger, but I wouldn't have been too surprised forty years ago to have had foresight.

JM has the best idea to "recognize", more so to truly show today's younger fans how the game has fallen. I joke, of course, this is exactly what goes on in high school and college, cheat your way until you have the Paper. But, it Would be fun!

BTW, I don't want anyone to start up a flaming in the misguided assumption that I, in any way condone racism. It's a fundamental flaw in human nature which will probably take a few more hundred years to eradicate globally. We should all do our best, but witch hunting is even more dangerous than the actual disease. People today need perspective, forgiveness, and a dab of patience. People simply aren't perfect. Sorry if I proselytized, it seemed to flow from my view of the general conversation. Now, let's beat the hell out of the F-Sox.

Anonymous said...

Pete Rose: I say he's a HOFamer. Forgive the guy and move on. Maybe give his name an asterisk, but to ignore the all time hits leader doesn't seem right.

@Hoss I'm with you that all this explosion in legal gambling is going to blow up everything sooner or later. And then the geniuses will want to do a Congressional investigation on why fraud and under the table money undermined the integrity of sports.

The Hammer of God

Anonymous said...

@Kevin I get what you're saying. It ain't flaming. Everyone is a product of their time. People 100 years ago were all much more prejudiced than they are today. These prejudiced attitudes don't change overnight. We should not judge people who lived back then by today's standards.

The Hammer of God

Platoni said...

Fuck this team. Blow it up. Sell it for scrap.

Anonymous said...

Another putrid loss staring us in the face. King has really bottomed.

The Hammer of God

JM said...

I'm out getting plastered with my only remaining college pal. Have no idea what's going on. Mercifully.

Rufus T. Firefly said...

Not only was Cobb racist, even for his own time, he bet on games he played in and had to retire because of it. He also sharpened his spikes to intentionally injure opposing players and was a general total asshole, even for the times he lived in.

Rose fucked up, but I don't think any worse than Cobb.

Shoeless Joe was screwed royally.

Fine with opposing opinions, but Rose was a humble gentlemen when I met him. And I hated him up to that moment.

Rufus T. Firefly said...


It's martini night for me and the missus. For the 37th year on Friday. So we are also blissfully not aware of Captain Walker.

Kevin said...

Rufus, hearty congratulations! Your post regarding Cobb surprised the hell out of me. I've saved another view of the story for tomorrow. Enjoy the night!

Kevin said...

I can't FUCKING BELIEVE that Boone, with the team down by three runs in eighth would put a punching bag like Cortes into the game! Great message to the troops...

Platoni said...

Congrats Rufus.

The Yankees are celebrating it the only way they know how.

Ken of Brooklyn said...

@Rufus, I second the hearty congratulations, have a wonderful night my frIend! And I had very little knowledge of the horrors of Cobb, I'll look into this further tomorrow.

Fuck Hal
Fuck Cashman
Fuck Boone
Ohhhh, and FUCK HAL!

Rufus T. Firefly said...

Thanks, gents. Appreciate it.

Don't appreciate the lifeless Yankee effort.

Fuck Boner
Fuck Brain
FUCK YOU HAL, you are the cause of all of this.

Damn, I miss real baseball, cuz this ain't it.

DickAllen said...

Kudos, Rufus! May you and yours be happy and healthy all night long!

JM said...

Rufus, congratulations!

DickAllen said...

Calling out illustrious manager a boner is too fine a compliment. He’s much more the Flacid Dick sort.

Anonymous said...

The Yankees aren't even worth ridiculing anymore.

Anonymous said...

Many modern baseball stats are meaningly, but try this one one
The Yanks have scored 2 or less runs per game 40% of the time this season.
15 Ks last night?
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The Archangel (who really really means when he goes CAPITAL LETTERS)

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