Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Here we go again...


The funny thing is, (Not funny ha-ha.) our little slice of the Yankee Fandom World has always known that in the end we would be playing the play-in game.  We've accused Hal of designing the team for just such an occasion. Not doing enough to win.

And here we are, on the doorstep of just such an event, and we are such chumps that we are excited and almost grateful.

I get it. We are Yankee fans. It’s impossible to root against the team. 

I tried. 

We all know that any success they have, even the lamest of success, such as being the second wild card, means we continue with Boone and Brain for another year. 

But still we thrill. Dare I say, we dream.

Stanton is finally everything he was supposed to be. Judge breaks a pinky and just pops it back in and hits a HR. Gleyber goes to the opposite field! Was that Urshala trotting around the bases?

Sevi’s back! Johnny Lasagna returns. Cole on the mound tonight.  

We’re as good as anybody!!!!!!

Plus, we finally have that magic thing that gives the team it’s character. The Thumbs Down Gesture! The Toe Show…

We have a turtle Goddamnit!  And not some stuffed toy of a turtle! A real one!

(Note to marketing department: Have 10,000 stuffed turtles with NYY Logo on back ready for sale at the Play-In Game.)

We could go all the way!

I get it. I AM it.  

But I can’t help hearing that small voice inside that says, “You sir, are an idiot. You know where this ends." Our collective said we make the play in. We did. 

Our collective says it ends with an El Chapo meltdown in a must win game.  Will it be the play in? Will it be the ALDS? ALCS?

Hal hopes we make it to the series. Because he loves the team and his goal has always been to restore the Yankees to their rightful place in the baseball universe? 


10,000 plush turtles aren’t going to sell themselves. 


el duque said...

I have one request to the juju gods.

Please... Just don't let it end as a walk-off HR in Boston, Houston or Tampa.

Chicago? Fine. Seattle, OK. Any NL team, no problem.

Just not Boston, Houston or Tampa. Is that too much to ask?

ZacharyA said...

Right now, the Wild Card Game would be vs. Boston, the ALDS would be vs. Tampa Bay, and the ALCS would likely be vs. Houston.

So we get to sit here and wonder which of these teams gets to enjoy the Chapman meltdown this time.

DickAllen said...

The way it’s going right now, the Sux might not even make it to the wild card game

Which would be very sweet

Doug K. said...

I'm hoping Seattle is the #2.

Although the thought of Justus Sheffield pitching a no-hitter against us in the Play-In game keeps me up at night.

Or it could be acid reflux.

One or the other.

JM said...

We could go all...the...way.

But I think we lose to Tampa on a passed ball by you know who.

Give Chapo a rest.

ZacharyA said...

DJ LeMahieu has 1 HR and 2 doubles in his last 130 PA.

Over the same calendar span last year, LeMaheiu had a .623 SLG in 137 PA.

What the hell happened to this guy?

HoraceClarke67 said...

I agree about Seattle, Doug K.!

And just for the record, the really big baseball strike before 1994 was in 1981, when about 1/3 of the season was lost.

So, 1972, 1981, 1994...this would be FOUR strikes! At which point we would be REALLY out, even with Joe West.

Doug K. said...


Thanks for the clarification. LOL on Joe West.

Doug K.

HoraceClarke67 said...

Oh, and ranger, I agree about batters stepping out. But of course, they feel obliged to do so once the pitchers try to freeze them by taking so long.

JM said...

Zach, he's been playing with some kind of hip problem that will likely require offseason surgery.

I was mystified by his drop in performance, too, but I saw that story the other day.

13bit said...

We had a season that was so bad that the diehards amongst us were gagging on our own bile, begging the government to break up Ma Bell, to tear down this wall, Mr Steinbrenner, to tear it down and start from scratch. We all felt the same way.

Then we had a 13 game winning streak and our members became a little aroused. Blood began to flow into the previously limp organs. People had hope again!

Then we showed our true colors and the veil was yanked away. Again.

Now, we have had two weeks of wins that touched old sensory areas of the brain, the reactivated memories of old glory days. Don't fall for it, people. Don't fall for it.

Yes, we may win it all, but we have a team that really just had a terrible season, along with two winning streaks. "That's all it takes," you might say, and it also shows how bad the national game has become. "Parity" is they word other sports might use.

Don't fall for it. There are a few teams that can wipe the floor with us.

TheWinWarblist said...

I am neither excited or gleeful! SLAP THOSE FUCKING WORDS OUT OF YOUR FOUL MOUTH!! Let me help that small voice inside that says, “You sir, are an idiot. You know where this ends."



TheWinWarblist said...

Son you better be ready for love
On this glory day
This is your chance to believe
What I've got to say

Keep your eyes on the sky
Put a dollar in the kitty
Don't the moon look pretty

Tonight when I chase the dragon
The water will change to cherry wine
And the silver will turn to gold
Time out of mind

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

This comment won the internet today. Pack it up and head home fellas. The show is over. Doug K rings out

Unknown said...

No juiced balls this year, unlike ‘19 and ‘20

DickAllen said...

Am I myself or just another freak?

There’s fire in the hole and nothing left to burn.

JM said...

Mr. Haney was sent down. Boone talking nice about him.

DickAllen said...

They did what?!?!?

And stashed him in SWB? What the hell for? They gonna build up his confidence? (if he has any left)

I must be losing my mind. I’m actually starting to care again. Well, maybe a little bit. I think there are people in the Angels front office still laughing about that one.

As long as Win keeps provoking my lifelong love of the Dan, I’ll keep looking and hoping for signs of intelligent life in the Yankees Brainless Trust

JM said...

Heaney was sent to the Florida League. Whatever that is.

JM said...

LHP Andrew Heaney optioned to the Florida Complex League
The Yankees worked out an agreement with Heaney, who expressed a desire to remain in the organization. Manager Aaron Boone said that the club believes Heaney was “not that far off” from being the solid pitcher he had been in Anaheim, and by reporting to Tampa, Fla., he’ll attempt to regain that form. “We’re excited to keep him in the mix,” Boone said.

DickAllen said...

Oh, now I understand. They want to get him back to the solid pitcher he was in Anaheim. That would build him back down to his stellar 5.83 ERA.

JM said...

Now you've got it.

I can't wait.

ranger_lp said...

Only thing saving Heaney is that he's left-handed...otherwise he'd be gone by now.

He's a UFA after the season...

TheWinWarblist said...

What is Cole doing? WHAT IS HE DOING!

JM said...

Cole has no fastball and they're killing him. Yuck.

JM said...

Bit he keeps throwing it. They keep killing it.

JM said...

But not bit

TheWinWarblist said...

3 doubles, a single in a HR and 5 outs.

JM said...

All fastballs.

JM said...

There goes the Cy Young.

DickAllen said...

Cole sure picked a good time to shit the bed

mik said...

JM is right. No Cy Young for Cole.

He really does not deserve it. This is NOT how a ACE operates!

With a 9 year $324,000,000 guaranteed contract, and an annual average salary of $36,000,000 we should expect A LOT BETTER than this.

So maybe he will come thru somewhere in the next eight years.

DickAllen said...

And now comes the inevitable 6-game losing streak.

TheWinWarblist said...

10 game losing streak. It will extend into next year, DickA.

JM said...

This ump blows, too.

JM said...

Finally. Two hits and a run

JM said...

Mik has a point. When I've heard about Cole being in the running for the Cy, I thought, no way. He's had some great games, but overall, watching him all season, he didn't have what I would think of as Cy Young caliber year.

Must be slim pickings this year.

Gardy!!!! 4-2 now.

Doug K. said...

I just started a new thread to change things up. While I was doing it we scored.

Just scored again! The magic phrase is, "Help me Mr. Wizard!

TheWinWarblist said...