Tuesday, September 21, 2021

It's time to talk about Dermis

In the summer of 2014 - as America was discovering Toy Story 3 and Ed Sheeran -  MLB began moving to a cap on international free agent signings - (a move that effectively killed the Yankees last financial advantage, by the way.) 

Thus, the franchise brain trust adopted a one-off strategy:

The Yankees would spend about $20 million to sign about two dozen teens - mostly 16-year-old Latinos (though Hoy Park, now of the Pirates, was also one. Estevan Florial is another.  Then, they watched most of them fizzle. 

In this class, the guy who got the most money was a strapping 6'3" 3B named Dermis Garcia, (the only "Dermis" I ever heard of. (Once, in a Woody Allen satire in The New Yorker, he wrote a Greek tragedy with a character called Epidermis, which I thought quite funny.) Dermis was said to possess first-round draft pick power (which made him, gulp, the next Jesus Montero, eh?) 

And that's pretty much his story over the last six years. For most of that time, Dermis was a dud. He hovered at Single A, moved to 1B (too big to play 3B) and hit tape measure HRs, just not enough of them. In 2019, he whacked 17 HRs and batted .247. He missed all of the pandemic year, 2020. 

This weekend, at Double A Somerset, Dermis hit his 31st HR, a franchise record. His  batting average is .210, the OPS at .793. Unfortunately, he has fanned 168 times - (that MUST be a franchise record) - more than one every third appearance. 

He is a young (23) cheap Joey Gallo. Three outcomes - HR, K, BB. He's definitely got power. (I have no clue of his defense.) 

So, do the Yankees protect him this winter on the 40 man roster? Do they trade him? What to do about Dermis? 

It's important to have a player with skin in the game.



TheWinWarblist said...

Skin in the game?


HoraceClarke67 said...

Love it!

Dantes said...

Fuck it, move him to aaa and let him try to be the next Chris Davis. If it doesn’t work out he can be the next crash Davis. They’d probably get more for trading Gittens to open a roster spot anyway

Alphonso said...

I, for one, do not care.

The Yankees don't have much luck with people named Garcia.