Monday, September 13, 2021

The Last Wager...

 From DickAllen...

It turns out that as much as the Yankees season is heading for a quick flush, there is still something important on the line for the last 20 games: Who will be the recipient of Carl's largess in the form of beer?

It is crystal clear at this point that Sevy will not be seen on the mound again, much less make two starts before the season comes to a merciful conclusion and puts us out of our collective misery. So, here is what I believe is the complete and official tally of everyone's speculation about the number of Yankees wins at the end of the day on October 3rd.

First number is wins for season. Second number (tie-breaker) is runs scored by the end of the season.

 Scottish Yankee fan: 90 wins, 111 runs

Parson Tom: 94 wins, 128 runs

 Platoni: 92 wins, 152 runs

Rufus T. Firefly: 99 wins, 165 runs

JM: 97 wins, 170 runs.

Ken of Brooklyn: 96 wins, 166 runs

Pocono Steve: 95 wins, 162 runs

Alphonso: 96 wins, 97 runs

BloggerGhost of Hoss: 96 wins, 155 runs

Doug K: 100 wins, 123 runs

ranger lp: 95 wins, 138 runs

Ken of Brooklyn: 98 wins, 166 runs

  Artificial Lemon Flavoring: 97 wins, 135 runs

13bit: 86 wins, 118 runs

BloggerTheWinWarblist: 86 wins, 108 runs

El Duque: Too depressed. Loaded Luger in mouth.


Ken of Brooklyn said...

WOW! Taking 9 out of 20 games is NEVER going to happen, WTH was I thinking/drinking/smoking LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ken of Brooklyn said...

WHAT WHAT WHAT, doing math before coffee is not advised, LOL> it's IMPOSSIBLE!

Rufus T. Firefly said...

For the record, I finished first in this contest.

That is, I was finished first, as in eliminated first.

I guess I'm the orioles of this wager.

At least I won't fret at the outcome of the games anymore.

It appears it will come down to the oracles of the commentariat. Bitty and Winnie at 86 wins. Although 7-12 the rest of the way may be overly optimistic.

Platoni said...

If the Yankees win the 92 games I predicted, they will most likely make the play-in game. I would win the beer, but Boone would also likely stay.

I am torn on this. I like beer, especially free beer. But it would be a Pyrrhic victory. More beer would be needed to dull the ache.

Anonymous said...

I feel I owe myself an explanation as to why I picked 100 wins.

1) I went with 100 Wins not because I thought for a second they would reach the number. It that I didn't want to be in a position of having to root against the Yankees in an important game so I could win a case of beer.

2) I'm not really a beer drinker. More of a Bourbon/Scotch/Rye person as the only two people here who I have met in person (Hoss and JM) can attest.

And again, next time I'm in NYC I'll let everyone know and all are welcome. For all my travels etc. I'm really a toe in the water kind of person socially.

3) I wanted a number that would be mine and mine alone.

That way I wouldn't end up with a six pack or worse, having to sit in a parking lot passing around a single bottle of beer while we all stare at a bunch of Yankee Magazines and Heaney bobblehead dolls burning in a trash can.

Actually, maybe we can do that anyway next time I'm in.

Doug K.

TheWinWarblist said...

Everyone of you peerless seers predicted 90 or more wins? Really? Bitty and I went with 86, and I'm thinking we will still be over. But 90 or more??

I knew mental illness and inebriation were endemic in the Commentariat, but even I am taken aback. We may have to start a weekly mental health group clinic with drunk blog.

No more of the brown acid!! For any of you!!

Criminy ...

Rufus T. Firefly said...

Doug K,

I stand corrected.

I thought no way did anyone pick this sorry team to win 100 games. I guess I'm the diamondbacks of this wager.

One can only guess that the whiskey you were drinking at the time was one of these:

Anything cheaper than generic gasoline is going to do evil things to you.

13bit said...

The whole season, I kept thinking "80" or "82."

I allowed myself one moment of optimism and said "86" and look where it got me.


I coulda been somebody. I coulda been a contender...

Anonymous said...


If one of those were the prize I would run out on the field naked in an attempt to change the outcome of the game and insure my victory.

Doug K.

Carl J. Weitz said...

Dick Allen....thanks for keeping tally as I had no clue as who posted what. Looks almost certain that Sevy won't make 1 start let alone 2. My only chance is that the Yankees get so desperate for a starter that they take a chance on Unlucky Louie S. But it seems fairly certain that I will be buying, not Dick.

So, when the outcome is official, the winners can let me know which liquor store they choose and I will arrange for a case of beer to be picked up there or a via gift certificate from that store.

I will make sure to copy Duque's luger example only after the purchases are made.


Whoever wins

Carl J. Weitz said...

By the way, should Doug or anyone else win and prefer something other than a case of beer and have a Costco nearby, I will gladly substitute a Kirkland brand hard liquor or any brand wine at an approximate value.I have a memberership there, it's a national chain and the recipient need not be a member to purchase booze there.

Carl J. Weitz said...

Rufus, actually, I picked them to win 103 if my memory is accurate.

Rufus T. Firefly said...


Were you IN the Costco liquor section at the time?

DickAllen said...

And if you don’t drink the Costco liquor, you can always use it to fuel your lawnmower.

Carl J. Weitz said...

Costco liquor is top notch. Most beat the brand names...because they ARE brand names. For example, the bourbon is made by Dickle Brothers. Last few years it was Gentleman Jack. Their foreign vodka was made by Grey Goose. Their XO cognac is on the same level.
Costco is a great value for hard liquor. I shop there often. Too often.

13bit said...

I don’t drink, but I would take my prize in dog food or a Starbucks coupon. Better yet, I’m happy to donate it to some Bowery bum. Actually, we no longer have bums on the Bowery.