Wednesday, September 15, 2021

HoraceClarke66: "Eighty One."

 (From the desk of HoraceClarke66...) 

 We’re there, people! We’re on the brink!

 Just one more win and your New York Yankees will have their 29th consecutive winning season.

 (Club record: 39, 1926-1964. Yeah, we’re never breaking that one.)

 Number 82 could come as early as tonight, against our favorite Birds. This city is primed to go off like 9 million firecrackers, I’m tellin’ ya.  Expect tickertape, fireworks, dancing in the streets, and wild, drunken revels (well, in my living room, anyway).


V-J Day? V-E Day? V-Grenada Day? Forget it! Nothing will compare to this rip-roarer!


Eighty-two. Right to the end, I didn’t really think we could do it.

It’s a beautiful world.


ZacharyA said...

Over the last decade (2012-2021):

2 division titles
0 AL pennants
0 World Series championships
$2.035B spent

But hey, we're gonna cross that 82-win mark again.

Any excuse to drink.

ranger_lp said...
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Celerino Sanchez said...

All of Cashman's little writer friends will be gushing over this fact, while the real fans wonder what happened to winning World Series'

Anonymous said...

In defense of mediocrity...

Mediocrity is not bad. (By definition.)

Mediocrity means that we win no small amount of the time.

I put it to you that providing a mediocre product is the American Way. From Applebee's to Zale's.

The key is to understand and accept that what you consume is mediocre.

You don't walk into a Chili's and think "This is like traveling to Mexico!"

You also don't think, "Hmmnn. Something smells off. I wonder where they get their meat. I hope I don't die."

Chili's is mediocre.

If anything you think more along the lines of, "I'm hungry. This is going hurt later but I think I passed a Walgreens. So I'm good."

Ah Mediocrity!

So remember, tonight, when we play the Orioles (A Bad Team!), we will most likely beat them. And even if we don't, and it hurts a little, there's a Walgreens within 5 miles of your home.

Probably closer.

Doug K.

HoraceClarke67 said...

Amen, Celerino!

And great points, Doug!

I feel like there should be a new Nat King Cole song about these Yankees:

"Quite forgettable
That's what they are,
Quite forgettable
Though a winner they are..."

JM said...

If we run the table and win all the rest of our games, we'll have 98!

Don't take the brown acid.

Rufus T. Firefly said...

The Yankees are more like Chipotle. Same results as drinking the water in Mexico City. And just as enjoyable as this season.

Anonymous said...

Winning season? Winning what? The Yankees have committed the unforgivable sin: they have become so boring and irrelevant that they cannot even rouse contempt--only indifference.

Kevin said...

This is supposed to be a "Past Time". Let us not argue and bicker over "who won what".