Saturday, September 4, 2021

What Will Aaron Say ?

 In post game press conferences,  Boone is always asked, " how is it that the Yankees do so well in tight games?"

He always talks about the team's confidence.

Today we lost a game by one run ( and voided a multi-pitcher based no hitter )

What will he say about "confidence?" 

In Chappy, for example?

Or in our ability to achieve this year's dream;  the Wild Card Play-In Game?

Who is going to tell Joel Sherman that we just lost to the Orioles?


Anonymous said...

Is Anonymous Bosch affecting the Brit spellings and locutions? If he's editing materials for the US, he'd better wise up.

Anonymous said...

Sorry--it all sounds like an affectation to me. "Blessed"? Oof!"When in English"--let's see: is your nom de plume Marcel Proust?

Ross Moschito said...

Let's not allow this wretched team to cause us to turn on each other. Repeat after me for the 199th time "We're all in this together".

Rufus T. Firefly said...

Anal anon just can't quit us here.

Even though we wish she would.

ZacharyA said...

I don’t know why any of us spend an ounce of energy on this team when we all know full well how this season ends.

The offense will shit the bed in a do-or-die game per usual and we will be sent home. Sure we could see a bullpen collapse, but only because the offense will falter first.

2020: Yanks score just 1 run in G5 of the ALDS, get sent home
2019: Yanks score just 14 runs in G2-G6 of ALCS (2.8 R/G), get sent home
2018: Yanks score just 1 run in G3 and 3 runs in G4 of ALDS, get sent home
2017: Yanks score just 1 run in G6 and 0 runs in G7 of ALCS, get sent home

Anonymous said...

Shut up, anti-vaxxer scum.

Anonymous said...

Anti-vaxxer scum being Dufus Firefly, for the uninitiated.

Kevin said...

Anonymous Bosch, the "anon" who was and will continue to bust your balls is the resident sociopath. He fancies himself to be an expert on baseball, grammar, sociology, physiology, history philosophy, psychology, and deviant behaviour. He is none of these. He IS a study in abnormal behavior and thought patterns. When he is on his Thorazine, he's merely a distillation of what passes for American Snowflake certitude.

Platoni said...

A loser, who's best dealt with by ignoring.

And that's the last I'll say on the subject

Ken of Brooklyn said...


Anonymous said...

Kev, should I post the proof that you're a fraud AGAIN? You never back up your demented assertions with facts. I always do. Including the proof of your fraudulemce and dishonesty.

Anonymous said...

Platoni--and what an embarrassing fucking affectation that is--you are just pouting in jealousy. Very petty.

Anonymous said...

Kevin--you clearly are a glutton for punishment.


Kevin said...
Joey Gallo currently has a 3.5 WAR for the season which is pretty damned good. I for one hope that we keep him next year, and just SEE. He is a player that the old stats (not denigrating "old stats" because when you know what to look for....) won't, at first glance appreciate.

IMHO, the two positional players who must be moved are Sanchez and Torres, especially Torres. We should get some decent value for him due to his potential (there are always "miracle workers who believe, or can bring him around), but especially because he's cheap. Torres is not a SS, and we have a better second baseman already. It will amaze some (all) of you that the analytics have Odor has an above average second baseman. Obviously DJ will be at second for a few more years, barring injury.
September 3, 2021 at 1:52 AM

Anonymous said...
Kevin, you pathetic bullshit artist. Odor has a 2021 defensive WAR of ZERO. His 2020 defensive WAR was MINUS 0.4. You just make shit up to promote your personal faves. You're a fraud and a liar and a moron.
September 3, 2021 at 4:53 AM

Oh--and Joey Gallo has a ZERO WAR as a Yankee.

Case closed.