Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Okay, let's look at the prospects the Yankees traded to get this far...

As you know - to get where they are, chasing the one-game Selig Sweepstakes - the Yankees swung a July 31 deal with Mephistopheles.

They traded 10 prospects, draining an already depleted farm system. Over the next few years, as Baltimore inevitably rises - (well, you'd think they would) - the Death Barge will find itself struggling to keep pace.  

(Note: Baltimore's farm system currently ranks 1st on the MLB Pipeline site. Tampa ranks #6, Boston #12 and Toronto #14. The Yankees rank #19.)

MLB Pipeline dropped the Yankees several slots, following the late-July trades. So, as we head to Toronto - where we better damn well beat those beery, hateful Canadians - it's worth asking: To get to this hallowed precipice, how much of our future did we give up?

So... here's a snapshot.

To Pittsburgh, for reliever Clay Holmes (who, yeah, dazzled Boston two nights ago):

Hoy Park, 25, IF. So-so. In 115 AB with the Pirates, he hit 3 HR, 11 RBI and batted .191. He came up, hit for a week, then went cold. Still a legit prospect, in a Brigadoon Refsnyder sort of way.

Diego Castillo, 23, IF. At AA and AAA, he hit 18 HR, 54 RBI and batted .278. Will challenge for a starting role next year. Surprised he didn't make Pirates' top prospect list. Still, had a damn good year. 

To Texas for OF Joey Gallo:

Ezequuiel Duran, 22, IF, At High A, hit 19 HR, 74 RBI, .267. Uh-oh. Might regret this one. (Now ranked Texas' 7th top prospect on MLB. com.) 

Trevor Hauer, 22, 3B, former 3rd round pick. At High A, hit 15 HR, 70 RBI, .274. Got off to incredible start at Tampa farm, then cooled off. (Now ranked 14th in Texas.)

Josh Smith, 24, OF. At High A, hit 13 HR, 41 RBI, .309. A little on the old side. But nice numbers.

Glenn Otto, 25, starting pitcher. At AAA, went 9-4, 3.20 ERA. Was promoted to Texas, made 5 starts, 21 innings, 8.02 ERA, 0-3 record. Considered a power arm. (Ranked 24th in Texas.) This could be trouble.

To Cubs for Anthony Rizzo: 

Kevin Alcantara, 19, CF.  At Rookie level, hit 5 HR, 24 RBI, .345. Highly touted. At 6'6," the next Aaron Judge? (Ranks 16th on Cubs, despite being at low minors.) Still a few years away. But this could be the deal that haunts us.   

Alexander Vizciano, 24, starter RHP. At High A, 5.95 ERA in 19 innings. Was highly touted a few years ago. (Ranks 19th on Cubs.) 

To the Angels for whipping mule Andrew Heaney: 

Janson Junk, 25, starting RHP. At Triple A, pitched 93 innings, 2.81 ERA. Was promoted to Angels, made three starts: 12 innings, 3.75. (Ranked 22nd on Angels list.) 

Elvis Peguro, 24, reliever, RHP. Threw 55 innings at four levels, 3.58 ERA. Big guy, 6'5." (Ranked 23rd.) 

Keep in mind that the Pirates, Cubs and Rangers all have farm systems considered superior to the Yankees. So when new prospects slot in at high levels, they probably would have ranked higher in the Yankee system.

Alas, what's done is done. 

Without Gallo, Holmes and Rizzo, we're probably out of contention this week and waiting for Dog the Bounty Hunter to crack the Gabby case. Still, Rizzo is a rental, and Heaney, an abomination. Was Gallo worth four prospects? All I'm saying is that, whenever one of these guys gets a hit or strikes out a batter, the YES glee club praises the Yankee front office for its guts and genius. It's way too soon to be celebrating the Yankees as deadline trade winners.

In fact, the more you look at it, the more we better win that muthafukkin wild card! 


Celerino Sanchez said...

Come on El Duque, this team would be in the same spot they are now without the players mentioned. So they gave up players, who in a few years, we'll be saying "why can't the Yankees get players like this" for a WC run? This has been the issue with this team for years, going back to Willie McGee & Fred McGriff. Trading young players for marginal vets to chase a playoff spot, not a championship, but a playoff spot.

Joe Formerlyof Brooklyn said...

New acquisition: Bronxie The Turtle.

Reads like a parody.


Dantes said...

So they traded Junk for trash, don’t understand the point of that. Gallo better lead the team in home runs next season for what they gave up.
On a side note, both Otto and Junk made the majors this year for teams they were traded to, I have to wonder how much they could’ve helped the Yankees bullpen for the stretch run as opposed to sending out Heinous and Krispe creamed.

JM said...

Bronxie is the addition that required no trade. And he's producing. We've gone 6-0 since his acquisition. DJ sits and stares at him for long stretches. He is let out of his acquarium to walk around the clubhouse, albeit very slowly. I mean, he's a turtle. But he beats the hare in the end.

Toronto is crumbling, the Rays are in cruise control, Boston took a big hit when we swept them.

The New York Streakies--with Bronxie--could well put together a crazy end of season into the postseason winning streak. Or they could collapse, at a snap of the fingers.

You can't predict baseball.

Doug K. said...

Yes they are 6-0 with the turtle and I know why...

When the Yankees have a guy on third Bronxie says, "Help me Mr. Wizzard!"

And then the wizzard says, "Trizzle Trazzle, Trazzle Trum, it's time for this one to come home"

and the run would score.

HoraceClarke67 said...

I think a lot of these guys seem a little old for where they are, which is generally how Coops gets away with palming off his minor leaguers on people. The stats are great—because they're 22-year-olds playing against 18-year-olds!

But I do worry about Junk—besides the fact that it's the greatest baseball name since Urban Shocker—and especially Alcantara.

Rufus T. Firefly said...

Is it a snapping turtle? I can see the Kevin Brownish severed digit right now.

ranger_lp said...

What happens to Bronxie at the end of the season? Turtle soup?

ranger_lp said...
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