Saturday, May 23, 2015

A guy who posts the best daily write-ups on Yankee farm hands

I don't know if this is legal or what, but a commenter who posts under the name "Go Win" on River Ave Blues' daily Down on the Farm report is the best thing on the Internet, if you like to track Yankee prospects. Unfortunately, most people don't go into the comments section - (life is too short, you know?) - and they miss what this guy is doing.

Thus, now and then - until they tell they me not to - I'm going to pop a few of this guy's work right here. Like I say, he posts in the comments, not as a hired hand. But check this out: It's today's write-up of last night's action in the Yankee system. My edits and additions are in italics. This is from GO WIN.

Here are today's notes:
- (Ramon) Flores (OF, Scranton) had a 3 hit game today and very quietly has pushed his batting average to .300. All the hits came on line drives, one for a double and two for singles. He now has a line drive rate over 22% which is his best career mark and a K rate that is at 14% the lowest for his career. He also has an OBP that is just a few ticks below .400. He has hit just 10 extra base hits during the season (about 23% of his hits) but he has better power than that. Flores is knocking on the door of the majors.
- (Brady) Lail (Trenton) pitched 6 innings allowing 2 runs but no earned. He allowed 5 hits and 1 walk. Lail needed just 79 pitches to complete those 6 innings showing the superior efficiency that has always (characterized) him. In his last 4 starts (including the one shortened to 0.1 innings when he was hit by a line drive) Lail has allowed just 1 run in 16.1 innings pitched. During this period he has allowed just 2 bases on balls. Lail is a very refined pitcher who has 4 offerings including a couple of FBs (in the very low 90s), a curve ball and a change up that he can control for strikes, He has middle of the rotation starter potential. I would not be surprised at all if he gets promoted to Scranton during the summer. Severino, Mitchell and Lail could provide next year the best depth of young starting pitcher at AAA that the Yankees have had in the last few years
- (Ken) Jagielo (Trenton) had a 3 hit game all on line drive singles, 2 to center field and one to the pull side to push his batting average to .302. In his last 10 games prior to today, Jagielo had been hitting 361 / 489 / 583. Jagielo's line drive rate is at 25%, the best of his career by far and the percentage of pulled fly balls is at 46%, 10% below last year showing a much more balanced all fields approach. On the negative side Jagielo made a couple of errors on defense, one fielding and one on the throw. Rough around the edges but a lot to like also.
- (Tyler) Wade (Tampa) had another multi-hit game, thanks to a fly ball double to the pull side and a grounder to drive his batting average to .324. He now has a 5 game hitting streak including 3 multi hit games in which he is OPSing over 1.000. In three of those 5 games Wade has been able to connect an extra base hit. During this stretch Wade has looked much more aggressive, selectively driving the ball to the pull side which has translated into improved gap power instead of his normal slap swing approach. If Wade can keep showing good contact skills, above average speed (15 stolen bases on the year) and improving gap power, the Yankees could have a very intriguing SS prospect in their hands.
- (Chris) Breen (Charleston) had a 3 hit game including a HR. The homer came on a fly ball to the pull side. He also had a single on a liner to the opposite field and a double on a grounder to the pull side. He now has 3 HRs in just 64 ABs in the long Leagues which is plus territory, specially for a 21 year old kid making his debut in A-. Breen was the only 20 yr old (or younger) to hit 8 HRs last year in the NYPL. There is a lot of power in this bat and the contact skills might be good enough for the power to play up. 


JM said...

Can we bring up some kids? CC is embarrassing. Rogers is pathetic. We have better pitchers in AAA. And they will stay there, and stew, while our "big leaguers" should be in double A riding a bus.

Ken of Brooklyn said...

YES< Bring up some kids for cry in' out loud, enough is enough is ENOUGH!!!!!