Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Great player, Troy Tulowitzki. Always loved Jeter. You have to appreciate that.
Trade to the Yankees?
Well... Tulo's not long for SS. He'll have to play corner OF. He has six years left on his contract. That's $118 million. He's always hurt. And those big hitting stats came at Coors Field.
In other words... no, no, no, no, no.


ceeja said...

So you'd prefer Didi and Drew at short? You prefer Beltran and Young as corner outfielder?

It's Steinbrenner's money. If he can hit and they are willing in a salary dump situation to take Didi and a bag of balls, why not?

el duque said...

OK, who should we give them, then? Aaron Judge plus Greg Bird and Gary Sanchez/ Because they're going to demand two or three of our best prospects.

Such a deal could put us back five years, and have us holding the mortgage on Tulo's final seasons, which would look a lot like what we're seeing from Beltran now.

ceeja said...

Judge and Bird are off limits and maybe Severino. That still leaves a lot of overhyped prospects.

el duque said...

They can have Cito Culver and my t-shirt collection.