Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Refsnyder up for Minor League Fielding Play of the Week

Rob Refsnyder got off to a terrible start at Scranton - no field, no hit - but he's picked it up lately. No errors lately, batting average climbing. Plus, this gem - a hump-back liner he caught behind second base. I enhanced the ball, otherwise you couldn't see it. Quite a play. See it here, if you're willing to sit through a commercial.


KD said...

Nice play by Ref and he needs badly to show the Yanks he can field his position. you can vote play of the week for him if you visit the site.

Alphonso said...

Only one problem, folks. I would rather see a great play on a ground ball.

That is the real test of defense for a second baseman. That, and turning DP's.

But a good sign.