Sunday, May 17, 2015

Unraveling The Yankee Offense

Last night, the Yankees led 1-0 for about 4 innings, I recall.  They did this without the benefit of a hit.  Four walks and I don't know what netted them a run.  Finally, Headley hit a 3 run homer and A-Rod later hit a solo shot.

This is typical.  In our four previous ( and consecutive ) losses, we had several opportunities to score multiple runs with a clutch hit, but got none.  Bases loaded and no one out; zero runs.

It is when the Yankees hit home runs that they win.  No one is a situational clutch hitter with men in scoring position.  Those key singles or doubles to the gap just don't come.

It looks that way again today.  The Yankees are going down like puff balls.  No threats.  No hard hit balls.  Just quick outs.

Unless we hit some home runs, we just can't score more than the magical 2 runs.

And that usually spells loss.

Stay tuned.


jdrny said...

And let's not forget the lack of sacrifice bunts by batters hitting under .250 to move runners with no outs.

Alphonso said...

And the lack of under .200 hitters failing to hit against the shift. Or even trying. Once. On one pitch.