Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Robbie Cano: .253... 1 HR... 11 RBIs... 9 more years...

Seattle is getting - well - a bit apprehensive, would you say?

Only nine years, $216 million, yet to go...

Says Seattle blog Lookout Landing,

I mean, come on, it's Robbie Cano. All you have to do is look at the back of his baseball card to know he's going to be alright. That's what everyone says, from commentators to Jack Zduriencik and on down to manager Lloyd McClendon. After Sunday's win over theRed Sox—in which Cano went 0-for-4—Lloyd added to this popular refrain by saying "I'm not overly concerned because he's not striking out a lot."

He's only 32...

Cano fanned twice in the game, and the 16.9 percent clip he's striking out this year would represent the highest mark of his career. If you're concerned, you have reason to be.

I certainly would never gloat. Such pettiness is beyond me. My DNA forbids it. That said...

Robbie Cano was a great Yankee, and nobody should blame him for chasing the gold. (The owners certainly do it.) I just think Robbie made a huge mistake by jogging off to Seattle, and his agent - Jay-Z - viewed Cano as a way to burnish his own fledgling reputation as a negotiator. Robbie could have accepted a nine-year deal with the Yankees, retired wealthy beyond his imagination, and lived his remaining life under the halo of a beloved New York City icon. He chose the cash and the beard.  So be it. My only hope is that - in the end, when he's scrounging for one final, overpaid at bat, we DON'T bring him back. 

I would consider that the proper Empire State of mind.

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JM said...

It's the beard, man. I tell you, it's the beard.

First, they grow facial hair. Then, the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.

When did the mustaches start? What's our record since then?

One word of advice, Robbie: Gillette.