Tuesday, May 12, 2015

ESPN radio host in Seattle thinks The Master is celebrating death with his A-Bomb for A-Rod call

Well, now I've heard everything...

Shortly after Alex Rodriguez hit his (non-Yankee) milestone 660th home run, Seattle sports radio superstar Jim Moore took it upon himself to rip John Sterling.

"I think John Sterling might be the worst play-by-play guy I've ever heard," Moore said, last week. "And he thinks he's so good. And he's the New York Yankees play by play guy... And I think he's brutal."

Co-host Dave "The Groz" Grosby - a longtime Sterling fan - wondered what prompted Moore's sudden blurtation. It's the Master's home run call for A-Rod.

"An a-bomb kills you, okay? An atomic bomb kills people!... That's not cool."

Grosby asked if Moore has a problem when somebody says an outfielder "guns him down at second... That's not good?" he asked.

"John Sterling is an idiot," Moore replied, in one of those adorable I-don't-care-what-you-think-this-is-me-being-me snits that so characterize middle-aged radio personalities. "The guy should be at Single A, not calling for the New York Yankees... He's horrible, and I don't mind saying I'm horrible, all right?... But he's worse than me."

Well... where do you start?

Look, it's a free country, and Ronald Reagan signed a law that requires every AM radio station to hire at least a dozen fat, white male yahoos to always remind us of how unfair the world is for them. And let's not kid ourselves - Moore isn't the only hater out there on the subject of John Sterling. But there's one point I never quite get, and Moore goes to it a few times, when he mentions the fact that Sterling works for the Yankees.

It's that notion that every team in baseball deserves to have a homer announcer - except the Yankees. Nope. They should have an absolute machine calling play-by-play, without favoring either team. No... better yet... the Yankees should have someone who, like them, hates the Yankees. That's what they really want.

They hated Mel Allen. They hated Phil Rizzuto. They even hated Red Barber, until he left the Yankees, and then became everyone's NPR favorite. In many respects, John Sterling IS the Yankees. And some people will always hate him, simply for no other reason.

(You can hear for yourself the audio. You need to listen to a commercial, then fast-forward to 32:40 on the time bar, and you'll get to the Sterling segment.)  


JM said...

A tantrum. By a moron, calling someone else a moron.

God bless America!

Blind Robin said...

Listening to that pap is lethal. Duque, thank you for letting me know where to cue the audio.

Buhner's Ghost said...

It was former Seahawk and Bronco Dave Wyman who was chiding Moore, not Dave the Groz Grosby, a close personal friend of Sterling who always lauds him and has him on the air during Yankee visits to Seattle. How can we trust anything Duque says when he always gets crucial facts wrong, or just ignores the facts entirely when it suits his nefarious purpose? See you in June, Yankee morons.

el duque said...

At least we don't have to listen to Seattle's radio crapola, because our airwaves bring us John and Suzyn, driven by Jeep.

Rufus T. Firefly said...

There are many things to dislike about the voice (way TOO many).

This is not even in the top one million.

KD said...

all you haters out there will miss the Master when he's gone. it'll be like Bob Sheppard, only with no Jeter around to honor his departure and memory.