Friday, May 15, 2015

Hope For An Anemic Offense

As we watch the Yankees slide toward their merited performance level, likely around a .500 season, let's not forget there are untapped assets ripening in the sunshine.

Remember Brendan Ryan?  He of the slick fielding and golden glove skill set?

Alas, poor Ryan, has been plagued with a calf strain. This injury struck just as he was packing his bags to come north at the end of spring training.

 When that healed, he pulled a hamstring.  This week, as he readies to play in an extended spring training game (next Thursday, ) he has come down with heat exhaustion.  I gather he has been working out in the Mojave desert?  On maneuvers with the French Foreign Legion?

If he heals, gets some water and shade, stays free of other ailments, and performs well playing against those high school kids in Tampa, the Yankees can add another .148 hitter to their line-up.

The best news;  he is only 33.

Our future is rock solid.

  Can't wait to take on those underrated and arrogant Royals.

1 comment:

KD said...

lack of noodle bats isn't our problem. what a waste this guy is. he sucked up the money that could have brought us Moncada.