Friday, May 29, 2015

Manny Banuelos for Carpenter and Shreve?

First, I can understand why Cashman made that trade: The Yankees had better pitching prospects to protect than Banuelos. And, of course, River Ave quickly embraced the deal - almost too much, if I remember correctly.

But it's looking like a bummer.

Manny Banuelos is throwing a 2.65 ERA at Triple A for the Braves, and he's picking up steam. (He started the season terribly.) Carpenter has been awful, and we can't even drop him to Scranton. Shreve is - well - meh.

If Banuelos puts it together - (a big "if" for sure) - this could go down as one of Cashman's worst all-time moves. 

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Len said...

Here's a more interesting question: Can you name a trade made by Cashman in recent memory that did not incite scratching of the head or banging of the head?