Thursday, May 21, 2015

Magic Number Revisited

The magic number is 2, remember?

Once we eke out our 2 runs, and no other offense appears via home runs, the Yankees are finished for the day.  No extra base hits, no lead-off hitters on base.  Just an endless, and boringly predictable, series of strike outs, meek ground balls, and pop-ups....some, reaching the outfield.

As soon as Washington had two runs, I knew the game was over.  Sure, it could have gone 13 innings, or 22 innings, but we had lost.  Do the math;  2 + 0 = 2.  The Yankees cannot seem to score again, once we get a two spot up on the board. Even mighty A-Rod, pinch hitting with two out in the 9th, went down looking  ( lousy call, by the way.  That ump must have had some fat chick waiting for him at Denny's ).

Seriously, the Yankees can create absolutely no threat.  They are hard to watch.  Ugly.  Uninteresting.  Boring.

So back to NYC, now, to celebrate the great Bernie Williams. 

I contrast his work with the lumbering, fat, over-paid bulbous Beltran who, last night, after chugging 40 yards after a lazy, foul pop-up, simply gave up on it.  To save his body, no doubt, for another 0-4 night.  The "out' he did not convert, by the way, became a man on base which became the winning run.  Or, ;osing run in the Yankee's case.

I really wonder what has poisoned Girardi's brain.  He has a guy in right field who can't run 15 feet, has a rubber arm, and is pounding the rock at a .220 clip when he is hot.

Just disgraceful.

Love you , Bernie.


JM said...

My mom is 91, keeps up with the standings and watches at least parts of most games. The other day after the 8-6 debacle, she said, "They never win when they play more than 9 innings." Which makes perfect sense considering the "great" bullpen they have of two people.

Girardi hasn't been poisoned. That's what he always eats: moron pills.

By the way, Bernie Williams will be playing with his band in Schenectady this summer, at the downtown SummerFest or whatever it's called. Free, but you have to sit, stand, and/or drink through three or four local acts to get to him.

JM said...

Actually, I'll amend that. They don't win in 9 innings anymore either.