Thursday, May 28, 2015

Rick Santorum's Battle of the Bands

Rick Santorum, who certainly drafted at least one 2015 Yankee to his AL-only fantasy team, today unveiled his presidential campaign theme song, "Take Back America."

Prime features: Well-worn title; stock country groove; composer & musicians remain anonymous.

Vibe: Dull Chevy commercial.

Back in 2012 First Love--two homeschooled musical sisters from Tulsa--toured with Santorum to perform their original campaign anthem, "Game On."

Prime features: All-white cast, teens praying to Reagan, siblings forced to wave Santorum signs at a dangerous intersection and look happy doing it.

Vibe: Clean fun!

Which Santorum video convinced you?


el duque said...

I love them both. Picking one is like being asked to choose your favorite son or daughter.

JM said...

I still can't believe he named himself after such a nasty sexual word. Why would such a wholesome gay man do such a thing?

Beavis and Butthead said...

Huh Huh hee hee his name is Santorum.

Blind Robin said...

Santorum redo and saint Ronny too! So cynically upbeat.