Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Heathcott and Lindgren: At last! Reasons to watch

Memorable day, Memorial Day.

The Evils scored a zillion runs and played Paddington Bear with their stat lines, whacking the jerks who embarrassed us last week. No complaints here. Chase Headley entered the game batting .242 and finished at .255. You'd think he was having a good year.

One thing I'd almost forgotten about laughers: You don't feel compelled to watch every pitch. The birdies can fly on their own, and even if they hit a rough patch, they won't blow the 14-run lead.

But two players were worth watching.

One is Slade Heathcott, the OF. I recognize that Girardi must move slowly with the kid. But I can't see any reason - beyond defensive - why Chris Young should be in CF. The Yankees this weekend placed another monument in CF - Bernie - to supplement the statue of Carlos Beltran that has been playing in right. Young's batting average is plummeting like a stone, and nobody knows how low it will be, before hitting the bottom. Heathcott, yesterday, hit his first MLB home run. Good grief, Joe, make him the CF until Ellsbury comes back. What do we have to lose?

The second reason is Jacob Lindgren, the RP. Yesterday, Lindgren gave meaning to two otherwise meaningless innings. Again, Joe must give the kid breathers. But not since Chien-Ming Wang and Robbie Cano arrved on the scene 10 years ago have the Yankees energized their lineup with two young players who can be considered actual "prospects."

Alas, the trade deadline will become the central factor in all Yankee plans. Other teams will seek to unload their bums. I doubt Cashman would trade either of these guys - certainly not if they're playing well. But anything can happen when a team becomes intoxicated with the idea of bringing in Wally Whitehurst.

All I know is there is a reason to watch, which before yesterday didn't exist. I'll take it. Hey... how about two laughers in a row! Headley could be hitting .270!


JM said...

Pssst...Duque. Reverse Juju works again! Crabby Mattingly post and bam--the mind boggles.


el duque said...

Well done, my son, well done.


ceeja said...

The back end of the bullpen does not look good, so there may be room to bring up someeone else to join Lindgren. Also the Didi/Drew/Headley/Pirella group is not performing very well. I'd be inclined to drop Drew, use Pirella as SS backup, and bring up Refsynder. Cut Beltran now? While I am ready to fire Drew, it's hard to believe Beltran is truly cooked -- he deserves another couple of months at least. By then, either Beltran or Young will be gone in favor of Heathcott staying or someone else coming up.

Don't pick up anyone at the All Star break if it costs you any real prospects. Otherwise, fight with the army you have until they are out of it and then do a real blood letting.

JM said...

What do you think we could get for Hal and Cashman? It's worth putting a few feelers out.

Alphonso said...

And, naturally, after Slade's 2-4 day ( including home run ), Girardi sits him down. He got in late for defense, I guess.

I think Girardi is the problem. And Cashman. And Hal ( "I'm not cheap")

Leinstery said...

Beltran needs to be cut. I don't care about how he's "hot" right now. A hit streak doesn't really count when everything is a two out single with no men on. And you said it perfectly. The man is a statue in the outfield. It's like in little league, the coach always stuck the worst kid on the team in right field and you prayed nothing went his way. Usually when a lazy fly ball was hit in his direction it always landed 5 feet away from him or it hit off his big dumb face. Beltran is the Major league equivalent of that kid.