Sunday, May 17, 2015


With prized free-agent Chris Capuano returning to Pinstripe Pride, you can literally feel the buzz across the Yankiverse.

Last year, Capuano won 2 games for the Bronx Bombers. Over the winter, the team's top brass won an intense bidding war to bring back the gamy, 36-year-old lefty who - sadly - hurt himself while trying to cover first base in a spring training game, delaying his season.

Who knows what the crafty southpaw will do? In 2005, Capuano won 18 games for Milwaukee.

Now that he's back, the Pinstriped Power rotation is again intact, and Yankee hopes are sky high!


Honey Barnes said...

Swallow hard... its a long way down to Capuano

JM said...

Only 36. Who says the Yankees sign guys who are well past their prime?