Wednesday, May 20, 2015

You Thought The Winter Did Me In?

Just because there was 100+ inches of snow on my hangout this winter, doesn't mean I froze to death, or starved to death. I know most of you hoped it were so.

I've been here all along.

Those perpetually optimistic fans who prematurely celebrated my extended absence, will just have to bite their lips and grasp their walkers in horror.  Better yet, start drinking heavily.  I am feeling mean and ugly.

I was right here when Tanaka went down, but chose to stay hidden in the reeds.  The young preppie kid, Chase Whitley, that was childsplay.  Why gloat over that? Sorry about the Ellsbury thing.  I was aiming for Beltran but he bent over to tie his sneaker when I aimed my magic dart at him.  Needless to say, Jacoby was sitting next to him and, well...

By the way, whatever the Yankees are telling you about his knee tweak is an understatement.  Sure, he is on the relatively short-term DL, giving everyone a feeling of optimism.  Don't jump this shark.

Mr. Duque has already pointed out the accompanying tragedy that Slade is getting his call-up just as he is sinking in a slump.  How will that work for his confidence against a real pitcher?  Will Joe even start him, or will he play Beltran in right again?  It doesn't really much matter.  This could be the debut and, dare I say, the " Swan Song'" of Heathcott all in the same week.

And by the way,  I am not finished.  There is more to come.  More trips to the DL.  More strains, pulls, tweak, and tears. Sorry, but this is an old, deteriorating, vulnerable team.  It is, as they
 say, " easy pickens."

The failures of Brian Cashman and his team of incompetents is shortly to be revealed to the world. 


See you soon.

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