Friday, May 15, 2015

Just A Note...

Every single player the Yankees have brought up from the minors, so far, is a loser.

Pirela can't hit and we know he can't field.

The new reliever ( Martinez, or something like that...just up from closing at Scranton ) who Coney
said, " has a great opportunity here ", fell apart and got hammered.

They don't have any good players.  They have people that can flash for a game or two, an inning or two, but no good players who can be sustainable major league talents.

Every single one of them collapses.

This is Cashman's fault.  But so what?

We are just going to suck.

1 comment:

jdrny said...

No surprise here. Girardi over working a pitcher.
Then again , the bullpen has been looking a little shaky except for the final two.