Monday, May 11, 2015

In This, The Ephemeral Part Of The Season, A Note From 'Ephemeral New York'

As we enjoy the Yankees' ephemeral first-place position before having our hopes dashed against the hard-edged rocks of reality, one of my favorite New York City blogs has a some nice photos and a write-up about the wind-swept home of our own Highlanders, recently of Baltimore at the time. (I hope this is allowed, Duque, it was such a nice little bit of history.)

When the Yankees were on top (of 168th Street)

Broadway and 168th Street, with its rocky terrain, isn’t exactly the best place for a baseball stadium.

Which partially explains why in 1903, New York’s newest baseball team, the appropriately named Highlanders, only played in a ball park at the site for the next 10 years.

Called American League Park and nicknamed Hilltop Park, it was hastily built in six weeks, just in time for the start of the spring season....