Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Tom Brady Hypocrisy Show is a hit in Boston

Isn't it fun, watching Boston fans twist themselves into pretzels, trying to defend Tom Brady with the, "It's not like he beat a woman; he was only trying to win a game!" argument?

Because they sure didn't buy that line with A-Rod, eh?

And they still go deaf, dumb and blind on the matter of Big Papi's steroidal past.

I guess fans are the same everywhere. But I like to think that, at least Yankee fans are aware of the fact that there is no morality to the team you root for. Many fans of the Mets, Redsocks, Cubs, etc.  piously suggest there is righteous component to why they support their team. What a crock.


Blind Robin said...

As a fan of the Yankees would anyone who frequents this blog seek to "crowdfund" any fines the team was levied by the league.

Rufus T. Firefly said...

Most (not all) RS fans are racist townie assholes.

Trust me. I've been to many games at that outdoor lavatory they call phenweigh.

KD said...

did his momma knit him that goofy hat?