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Friday, July 20, 2018

And Another Thing...

What's going on with all the ads about how you can really do best by obtaining pretty much any and every service yourself, online?

The most mind-numbing have to be the ads for the new "Purple Bricks" website, which revel in what they call the "real misery" people have when their overly intrusive neighbors tell them they COULD have saved thousands of dollars, if only they had hired their real estate agent online from Purple Bricks, to buy and sell their large suburban homes.

Uh, say what?

That's like saying we experience real misery here in New York when that shady, pushy guy in the next apartment tells us we could've got the same engagement ring for thousands less:  "There's this guy I know, works out of the trunk of his car..."

An online real estate agent?  Right, and I'm sure their resumés online tell you too about how they're now over that pesky cocaine habit that got them fired from their last agency job, or why they slept with that client's wife.

In the same vein are those very funny ads, to the tune of "The Banana Boat Song," about really old people having to keep working because they don't have sufficient savings or pensions plans:  "I'm 85, and I wanna go home."

The solution?  Go trade stocks online!

So...maybe your already low salary and lack of any benefits or savings does NOT make you the perfect candidate to go make money trading online?  Maybe you should try one of those magic SUVs that take you to your dream job, in a cubicle under the desert?


TheWinWarblist said...

Rush to the bottom.

Rufus T. Firefly said...

...as attractive as mail order sushi.