Friday, July 13, 2018

The " Halfway" Point is In View

The Yankees blew into Cleveland after a rough outing against the Birds, who played as if they are going to be this year's World Series Champs.

We felt pretty upbeat, because we caught one of those games where Sunny Gray appears to know how to pitch, and to have some abilities.  So we tied up the Baltimore series, behind Sunny's fine work and a number of other eerie occurrences  (like three hits....including a HR....from Tyler Wade; like Greg Bird appearing to awaken, etc )."

With Severino set to go against Kluber, we felt confident.  Until Sevy threw his first pitch.  He was drilled like an excellent batting practice pitcher the entire game.  His velocity was down.  His breaking balls were not enticing.  He earned one K in 5 innings of struggle.  This was the second consecutive start in which Sevy had to battle to give the Yankees any depth at all.

I kept saying to myself;  " he needs rest.  He needs the all star break."  And then I realized, he might start that game.  And the AL manager may just stretch him out for three innings, and try to do some permanent harm to a guy who needs some sleep.  For insidious, competitive reasons.

Boone, of course, started Neal Walker at second, as payback for Wade's homer and three hits.  He'll have some lame excuse, but this was the wrong call.  Walker not only killed a major rally opportunity ( lined into DP...okay, some bad luck there ....but bad luck counts in baseball ); but he made an error which could have opened the flood gates for Cleveland.

We still have three " heats " to finish before the break.  And that means three games in which Cleveland has better starting pitchers than do the Yankees.  Nonetheless, we can win this series if the bangers bang, and if Wade plays instead of Walker.

The demoralizing thing is this;  Boston may not lose another game.  Without some key injuries, they may simply be that much better than everyone else.  We win series after series, but they win game after game.

The race remains long and arduous.  And the blue ribbon does not always go to the swiftest.

We are all ready to take a breath.  Mostly to see what move(s) Cashman does or does not make.  Two more weeks and our agony will be over.

"Steady as she goes," sayeth I.

Make no moves before their time.


Vampifella said...

Not only do they win game after game, they have been outscoring the other teams by a ton in the past month. Obviously the Sox are not suddenly going to become a .300 team for us to get into first place either. We'd have to do something insane like win 9 out of every 10 games to have a chance and that won't happen.

Statistically we can go at a 5-5 or 6-4 pace and still get the wild card, so why bother trying hard at this point, right? I'd be resting our people and getting them ready for the playoffs and testing our rookies out for next year rather than killing the team trying to do the impossible. Maybe that's happening now with people like Walker playing.

TheWinWarblist said...

Luck favours the prepared. Playing Neil is not proper preparation if you have any other options.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Playing Neil is not the proper preparation if there are 50-year-old stagehands from the Broadway softball league in the stands and willing to play.

If you don't have that...then sure, play Neil Walker.

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