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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Dare to Hit a Grand-Slam Home Run

I'm sure that Greg Bird right now is getting a harsh talking to from the Yanks' crack staff, last seen instructing all the team's hitter to "dare to take a called third strike."

So, bases loaded yesterday, two out and a 2-2 count, what did Bird have the gumption to do?

Well, as the Times wrote:

"...Bird fouled off four consecutive pitches: a fastball, a slider, a changeup and another fastball.  By this point, Bird—who had struck out at the end of an 11-pitch at-bat against Bundy in the second—had seen everything the right-hander had to offer.

"So, when Bundy delivered a curveball—a pitch that Bird taken for a strike twice already in the game—the left-handed hitter was not fooled.  He drove it deep to right field and watched as it clanked off the foul pole for a grand slam."

Why...the noive a dat guy!  It was like he was, well, really hitting!

Spoiling pitches he couldn't hit anywhere good, seeing the pitcher's whole repertoire but NOT simply taking the same pitch over and over and hoping it was outside the strike zone?  SWINGING?  With the bases loaded?

We can all hope that we won't see any such rank insubordination again anytime soon.