'98 Yanks bounce back, take Game Two over '51 Bombers

Torre's team rips Sain (and three of rain)
Pauly's grand slam leads 13-7 rout
Irabu bedazzles!
Series tied 1-1!
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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Heaven Awaits ( this is a play off of a certain new comic series )

The All Star break has created a certain wanderlust.

No longer chained to a real baseball game, that matters, I have heard the clarion call.

For the next two weeks I shall be scouting,


And Here 

They don't strike out in cricket, do they?

The pubs stay open don't they?

England is in a good mood due to the relatively surprising success of their national futbol team ( 4th in the World Cup), and the departure of a certain ugly American.  One who, they claim, threw his country under a bus at Helsinki.

I am not mentioning any names, because politics are not kosher here.

I just have to find some white pants, a stupid hat and a bat.  Should be easy at Herod's.

If the Yankees do manage to win three in a row during my absence, I shall line-up the Spanish victory ladies.

But they have all been feasting on paella in Marbella.

Feel like a pint?


ranger_lp said...

As an avid cricket watcher, no, they don't strike out. But there are 11 ways to be dismissed (out)


HoraceClarke66 said...

It's just One-Old-Cat with fancier duds!

But Godspeed, Alphonso, and have fun. All we ask is that you bring back some clotted cream and crumpets. And while you're there, see if they'll take us back?

Mustang said...

Bon Voyage, Fonz! Bring back a banger!

TheWinWarblist said...

We are having a mineral laden Arneis tonight. Magnificent. Cricket sucks anus even when you're full of rum punch and have sparked up a fatty.

KD said...

ahhh… I can smell the bubble and squeak even now....

The only living boy in Wishaw said...

If you come up to Scotland I will happily buy you a pint

Good Scottish beer not that weak cat's piss they have in England.

Local Bargain Jerk said...

The answer to the final question posed in your entertaining post is "Yes".