Monday, July 16, 2018

There Is No Baseball. Time To Catch Up On Procrastinated Chores......

Let's face it, watching the Yankees' batting practice, game and post game from March-July has eaten into our spare time.

Each of us, I'm certain, has put off some important tasks.  

In my case, I have for a long time promised to clean up the yard, and make it more respectable for entertaining.

It is just hard for me to determine where to begin.  For example, where can I move that jungle gym to, so it won't be an eyesore?

But I will be outside and there is nothing to watch on my inside/outside TV, unless you are drawn to the NBA summer league games.  It shows a number of young 7'2" 265 pound guys smashing backboards, and prepares you for the 11 month NBA season where much the same takes place.

You can probably guess;  I would rather watch Walter Cronkite re-runs.  Or Putin riding naked with some of the puppet politicians he fancies.

The NFL doesn't begin for another 2-3 weeks, where we can all look forward to " media day." Endless player interviews where they preen and spout the " party line."  Signifying absolutely nothing.

 The league no longer allows practices with helmets and pads, so tag football is growing in its appeal.  Mostly, we get news about injuries;  season ending, and those that will nag a player all year.  How they happen with no contact is hard to fathom.  But teams lose players before they ever play.  Lose the wrong player and your season is over in August.

When baseball resumes, it will seem like next year, for a while.  Once September arrives, we'll all know if it is worth watching or not.  

I have promised on several occasions to have this yard in shape by the time of the one-game play in contest. I am hoping for Yanks vs. Padres.  There's the ticket.  If we win, we play Boston.  If we lose, we move to San Diego.  Inter league one game play-ins have a special appeal.  I am still waiting for MLB to approve this innovation.

It is all so boring.  The World Cup is over.  Football is in limbo.  Baseball is pretending people give a damn about the all star game.  Basketball never stops.  Hockey plays re-runs 24/7/365, hoping some drunks will think the Stanley Cup finals are just on tv now.  There are no olympics.  Tennis is between matches. And no one understands cricket.

I think I'm going to build my outside bar fist.  Or get a new tee shirt.



13bit said...

I know you meant "first," but I like the idea of a bar fist. I imagine it as a giant concrete fist sculpture in the middle of your round outdoor bar, maybe with a pool of water around it for the birds to play in.

Alphonso said...

It might take the shape of a glove. Like the chair in George's office.

Rufus T. Firefly said...


In that picture you seem to have put on a couple of pounds.

Maybe you should try some exercise, or the Jack Daniels diet.

TheWinWarblist said...

I understand cricket. It's just that it's really, really stupid. It was all I had for the two years I lived in the Caribbean, but it's still really, really stupid. A jug of rum punch and a couple of fattys on E-Z Wider (couldn't get Big Bambu down there) made the game - oh, so sorry - match go more quickly. But still really, really, REALLY REALLY STUPID.